Witch’s Black Salt Online Class Launch


Black salt is a popular form of protection magic for those who practice hoodoo, rootwork or other kinds of herbal and kitchen witchery. It’s commercially available in many metaphysical stores, but what’s really in it? Is it possible your black salt is little more than table salt and black food colouring?

This is something that’s relatively simple to make (though a little time consuming) so I recommend everyone at least try. In my class I’ll be going over what black salt is, how to make it, and be showing a list of very interesting and witchy herbs I included in my black salt. I know most folks don’t have things like mugwort or vervain on hand, so in the written instructions I include herbs and things you have in your own kitchen that make your black salt just as powerful. At the end of the class you get a pdf download of all of the written info plus a coupon code to buy the salt I made in my etsy shop for a discounted price.

 this is my first online class, and I’m a bit nervous. I’d love feedback! It’s rather strange talking to a camera as opposed to actual people. I found myself missing the outbursts…

 Anyways! You can RSVP to the facebook event HERE to be alerted when the class becomes available for enrollment and to chat with me throughout the day!

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