Dollar Store Witch

Sometimes I feel like a crummy witch when I see other peoples really gorgeous Instagram feeds or tumbles or twitters. Some people take such gorgeous photos of their readings or crystals and the colours are muted and it’s got this cool, witchy atmosphere… and then all my pictures are bright and slightly chaotic and if I’m in them I’m making a dumb face haha.

I am literally eating gummy bears off my altar right now! It’s 10:30am! That’s so not cooollll and witchy. 

I just can’t stop having fun with magic, though. I can’t stop laughing at mistakes and giggling if I rhyme out loud or knowing all of the words to cheesy Stevie Nicks songs.
If you have one of these beautiful photo galleries please keep it up! I love them! I’m, admittedly, a little jealous haha. I just hope you like my silly, flamboyant, knock off brand witchcraft just as much. 🙂

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