Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 2

 I love orange, but I really avoid wearing orange. Of course by “avoid wearing orange” what I actually mean is that I do everything in my power not to be near anything orange lest it cast it’s ungodly, sickly tone upon my skin. As a woman of Friulani decent, I don’t have that obvious, sunkissed olive tone that many other italians do – but you get orange near me and I turn into an olive in traffic directing gear.
It’s the worst.
My sister will forever have a special place in hell for making her bridesmaids dresses orange. I’ll never forgive her.

Good time, bad shirt.

SO you could say I wasn’t super pumped about today’s challenge. The only orange thing I thought I had was a volunteer shirt from my year with TIFF. Bright, highlighter tone pumpkin orange. I almost gave up. Then I remember that I have two rust coloured orange tops as part of a fall wardrobe. One is even soft cotton and would be nice and comfortable. Of course, I couldn’t find that one. So I started looking. I put away all the clean laundry, re-organized my drawers, even shifted things around in my closet. Next thing you know I’m sweeping under the bed and my room is totally clean. If you had seen it before you would know this was an incredible feat.

As soon as I finished I remembered that that shirt got turned into rags not even 2 weeks ago because it was ruined.

very sneaky, Laurie.

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I’m so mad I didn’t do the pose!

So I wore this dressy blouse that I will admit, I look damn good in. When I thought about the last time I wore it, I realized it was 3 years ago when I met my idol Pam Grier, and this made me smile. I decided to go all the way with it and curl my hair 70s style and even break out the blueish eye shadow. I spent my day looking like a Charlie’s Angel and loving it. I felt confident and tough, and the fact that I had woken up incredibly cranky and in a ton of neck pain felt more like a good reason to get shit done than an annoyance. After I cleaned my room, I didn’t care why I was cranky anymore. My messy room has been getting to me for a while, and I’ve always felt like I was too busy and it wasn’t important. This time it was, so it got done. IMG_9824

Since the new moon is coming I threw on a crescent moon and some labradorite earrings, just to try and even me out, and my black Nazar bracelet in the hope it would absorb how not psyched I was.

I’m not a big fan of the new moon.

The other part of the advice was to write a ritual. but not do any spells.

Since I could actually get to my altar after cleaning my room, I sat down and worked out a little ritual for tonight’s new moon and spent the night having out with a friend instead of doing anything too heavy.

Yet again, laurie’s advice made my day run pretty smoothly.

I never would have chosen any orange for monday. Mondays are dedicated to the moon, and as such have a dreamy, watery quality to them. I don’t get a lot of work done and I usually spend the day in something comfortable. I tried to do that today and was rebuffed! According to Magical Fashionista by Tess Whitehurst “burnt orange is earthy, grounding, and warming to the heart and emotions. Like a sunset or pumpkin, it emits a vibration of satisfaction and coziness.” and the day before the new moon is a great day to ” clear your mind, take inventory of your present situation, and clear the decks for the fresh cycle to start.”

I LITERALLY cleared my space out and made room where I could sit down and write out a ritual for this fresh new moon cycle. I was also very erratic and angry in the morning, and that orange shirt made me feel so much better and like I had accomplished something during the day – even if it was just getting my pin straight hair to hold a curl. I never would have picked a shirt like that for a dreamy, mooney day but it was actually the perfect fit. I guess it’s good to be a little uncomfortable sometimes.

You did it again, Laurie!

Tomorrow I have to wear white (my second least favourite) and not do the ritual I spent today working on haha.

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