Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 3

 IMG_9864I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when I saw today’s advice.  The idea of a solar eclipse that I can’t even see from my corner of the world being an excuse to disregard a new moon, magically speaking, is not one I’m fond of. I had written a little ritual specifically for it that I didn’t get to use, and my discomfort with the new moon was replaced with a feeling of… almost boredom? Not that I was bored during the day – the exact opposite – but it was a decidedly non-magical day that I had been looking forward to magicking up super hard.  A lot of that work and preparation I did on sunday was based around the eclipse and new moon and a lot of that is being shelved until it’s useful again, and I’m no longer ahead.

This is not my favourite result, but it’s important. Every witch is different. Just because someone is an icon and is powerful and is wise, doesn’t mean they believe the same things you do. It doesn’t mean that their practice will work for you. It doesn’t mean anything except that their advice is worth considering because you trust and respect it, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only advice out there. In the end it’s important to do your own thing.

So my new moon ritual will get done tonight. Complete with sparkly lush bath bomb and a beautiful new chunk of Apache Tear.

Don’t these just bring you back?

I don’t have a lot of white clothes! I’m old school all black all the time, thank you very much. I have a few white t-shirts that all pretty much have a band logo on them, and that all were pretty much put away because they’re too old. This one was a touch too small so I got a bit creative and sliced it up. Yesterday was our first real spring day and I wanted to celebrate. (Thus the balloon, d’uh) Since I felt useless and uncomfortable I wanted to wear a fun flashy outfit and went full 90s by adding in a yin-yang necklace and these sun and moon earrings that kind of reminded me of an eclipse. I figured jewelery that was all about balance in the universe and within ourselves was a good message for the day. I also carried a snowflake obsidian and aquamarine in my bra for balance. I doubt this is the kind of outfit she had in mind, but I had a fun, silly day.

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I’m ridiculous.

In Magical Fashionista, Tess Whitehurst explains that Tuesdays belong to Mars and are a day of confidence and fire. Pisces is a watery sign though, so the white actually made sense. I felt those two energies all day long in a big way. I was firey and boisterous while being up for anything and in kind of silly mood. Tess also explains that white is a colour of pure positivity, and that it can be healing to wear it during times of emotional turmoil. No wonder Laurie recommended wearing white during the new moon – it’s uncomfortable. I find the new moon uncomfortable, jarring and sometimes even scary. The idea of a near-empty sky and no natural light coming through the window makes me nervous. This moon also bring change which is necessary, but not always fun. Yesterday I definitely felt the change in seasons, and felt a real change inside myself that I’ve been waiting for for what feels like forever. This new moon shook something loose and made me confront a few things that have been holding me back. I’m glad I was able to sail those waters calmly and with a smile on my face (or weird duck lips, whatever.)

Tomorrow’s Forecast:

Oh great, more white.

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