Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 6


Unfortunately, I used up my only orange outfit for an earlier challenge, so today I got a little creative and picked out orange accessories and stones to carry around. I even tried orange eye shadow… but that was a heinous mistake I’ll never repeat again.

It was a sunny day and wearing these sparkly, sunny accessories made me feel happy and confident. I ran errands, taught a class and had a good day. Sunstone is one of my favourite crystals and I could feel it’s warmth radiating out through the bra it was safely tucked inside.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the challenge! Get caught up from the beginning at Living Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account: An Experiment

The second part of the challenge was to write some snail mail and I couldn’t be happier to oblige. I personally love getting things in the mail and a broke ass travel fan post cards are my favourite souvenir. I’ve got a small collection of postcards I’m always adding to, framing and putting on the wall. My latest discovery are the HAUNTED CANADA post cards available from Canada Post. I picked up one featuring the ghost of the caribou hotel in the Yukon who sometimes adds bubbles to the guests baths and watches the sun set from the third floor. She seems like someone my mom would like so I wrote her a quick little note to let her know I was thinking of her. What a great idea!FullSizeRender3

Friday is a day for love, and usually attributed to the element of fire (though since it’s Venus’s day I usually try to work in some water- thus my mermaid earrings.), so the choice to wear orange was pretty clear. In Magical Fashionista, Tess even makes light of how many people don’t wear bright orange because of how much it reminds us of prison, but that it can make us feel both fiery and grounded. In candle magic, orange is used as a colour of attraction, which is why I put the prosperity mojo bag I’d made into a larger orange bag  to carry it around in. I even burned an orange candle with my green spell candles and inscribed specific things I want to attract onto it.
It was interesting that the call to wear orange came the day after I had done that spell when orange was so heavily on my mind. Very witchy, Laurie!

Tomorrow I’m wearing green, and it’s also my first day at a brand new job. What a total coincidence I’m sure.


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