Some Changes Coming to The Blog and Podcast

Some of you might have noticed on my Book Review of Shadows posts that there is a little disclaimer noting that the post contains affiliate links, these little links bring you to the amazon page for the book I’m talking about and if you were to buy it I would get a tiny kick back. I also did a review for a book that I received free from a publisher with the understanding I’d review them on my blog.

Aside from that I get no money from the blog or podcast at all. I try to make my money the good old-fashioned way – minimum wage and etsy, as the gods of modern internet businesses intended.

I didn’t want to do things like sell ads or post paid for blog posts or any of that stuff I generally consider a little bit sleazy. Then I found myself raving about a candle company. and I mean just going on about how much I love their candles and how I use them and where to get them and even what they cost. This isn’t a store with a bricks and mortar location, this is a major distributor or witchy ass candles. I realized people ask me about the stuff I use ALL THE TIME and I’m always more than willing to share my info. Sometimes I got it at a local place, sometimes I got it on an etsy store, or a thrift shop, or just a hand me down – but I always share. That doesn’t feel sleezy to me, that just feels like I’m passing on my trade not-so-secrets.

I really would love it if being a full-time witch was my actual job. I’m fairly close! I work in a metaphysical store, I teach classes, I’m a card reader and I have the Podcast, but one of those things is currently in “hobby” status and that often means it falls on the back-burner in favour of doing the things that keep me in mugwort and incense.

So I’ve applied for affiliate accounts with other companies and brands that sell things I personally use and whose business practices I admire. This means you’ll see more posts about things like herbs I use that include links to the herb supplier I like, or stones, or books, or just STUFF.

I’m also setting up a crowdfunding page for the podcast so that I can upgrade my equipment and spend more time focusing on what I put out. I really love the podcast and it’s what I want to do, so I want to do it right.

If you can’t or just straight up don’t want to give me money, that is so ok. You don’t have to. At no point will it be necessary for ANYONE to give me money to listen to the podcast or read the blog or even do the things I do. If at any time you feel that all I do is try to get money out of you guys for the love of god, tell me. My instagram got really full of things I was putting on my etsy store recently and someone shot me a message to ask if that’s all I was going to post, and I was totally embarrassed. I work in sales and sometimes sales-Paige and regular-Paige overlap too hard.

So if you can or are interested in supporting me keep an eye out for opportunities to do that in the future, if you don’t want to, please keep listening and reading and interacting with me because I truly love it. I wish knowing a bunch of cool people online paid my bills like it does for some folks haha.

Either way I appreciate you following me and liking my stuff and sending me messages and telling me your stories and experiences, it means more to me than any affiliate cash ever could.

Unless I make enough for a hot tub. #witchparty #everyoneisinvited

8 thoughts on “Some Changes Coming to The Blog and Podcast

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  1. As a fellow witchy blogger, I think it is awesome you’re using affiliate links. Honestly, I prefer buying items from affiliate links because I know the item is good (because it is being recommended), and I like knowing I’m supporting someone whose opinion I enjoy.

    I don’t know if I am biased (I am a blogger trying to make that Internet cash), but I think posting things you’re selling on etsy, items you love from other shops, and advertising your crowdfunding page is just something that is expected from a blogger’s public social media. I am so surprised someone sort of called you out on your Instagram page. But like I said, I’m biased.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see all the wonderful stuff you’re going to be recommending. 💚

    PS Happy Scorpio Moon.


    1. Thank you so much! This actually made me feel better.
      I’m so weird about money, and never have a lot of it, so these seemed like ways to make some without scamming anyone or feeling sleezy.
      I’m going to do my best to recommend good stuff that I know from personal experience is worth buying and using.
      The message about instagram threw me off, but it wasn’t rude at all – it just said that they liked the perdonal updates I had posted and wondered if it would just be used for sales and promo. Reminded me how much gun instagram is ans how hard i was missing out haha.


  2. I understand what you’re saying. Making money on the side enough to go full-time Witch/Blogger. THATS my goal. In corporate america, I believe giving info and getting sponsors of the things you love and buy the most can help. Like crystals, books, makeup etc


      1. I totally understand and respect that. Stay with your feeling. Intuition is everything to us witches


  3. Also. I wanted to that k you personally for seeing my blog. Its mg first official post. I’m nervous about selling. But I really want to witch out and have a stable side income


      1. I learned from Periscope business Peep that you can sell anything if it is good content. If people want it. Its good. You are the brand. Make them want it. 🔅😉👌


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