Four Day Psychic Sensory Challenge!

Who’s ready for a fun new challenge?! I am!

the-natural-psychic.w250I recently read Ellen Dugan’s The Natural Psychic, which is all about different psychic abilities and experiences, how they work or feel and how to work with them. It was super interesting! I went into it fairly sure of which of these abilities I have, and came out… less sure. I know I’m intuitive, but some of the other stuff sounds like experiences I’ve had and couldn’t explain.

It’s especially difficult because up until last September whenever anyone asked me if I had any psychic gift I would laugh and tell them I was 100% human decidedly non magical – and most of them argued with me. Or gave me a blank stare, or even laughed out loud. Eventually I found out why and now am actively working as a tarot reader and trying my best not to block out weird psychic emotions.  (even the spontaneous crying, which I hate.)

In the book Ellen describes the four main types of psychic abilities – Clairvoyance, or psychic sight; Clairaudience, or psychic hearing; Clairsentience, or psychic feeling (also referred to as being empathic); and Claircognizance, which is psychic knowing, intuition, and Paige! Yay! – and how they feel and work. I instantly recognized myself in the section about intuition. I often just know something. In the past I’ve rarely spoken up about it, as being a know-it-all is a quality that’s not found to be endearing in women (ugh, don’t even get me started on that trash), but lately I’ve been less embarrassed about the hard lines I tend to draw in some situations. It’s something a friend of mine commonly laughs at. I didn’t really realize it was a thing I did until she pointed out that sometimes I would just say “no I’m not doing that, that’s not good” and have no reason why or even argue my position. Those who know me know that arguing my position is probably my favourite thing to do in the world so when she pointed it out I realized that was a weird “out of character” thing for me to do. I don’t live in a black and white world, and yet some situations or ideas were very clearly black or white. I also get instant readings of a place or situation or even person that again, I cannot explain and that never change. It’s especially true with places, I well get to a place or even just see it from the windows of the greyhound and think “I should have gotten off here” or “this was a mistake”. I don’t always know in advance, but the second I get somewhere and touch the ground and smell the air I know if I’m going to like it or not.

But wait… that’s not just knowing, that’s feeling! So is that Clairsentience? and what about when I say “oh hey I love this song! turn it up!” and it turns out the radio is off but once we turn it on the song will start. What about my fascination with tarot cards and the strong visual reactions I have to them? What about all those times my mother said “look with your eyes, not your hands!” because I cannot stop touching things?

Thanks a heap, Ellen, now I’m unsure.

Luckily there’s a handy four day bit of homework later in the book that can help you determine how to sea and hear and touch and feel everything. (it starts on page 115, if you’re looking at the book!) Day One is seeing day where you carefully look at the world around you. Pay attention to the things you see and imagine you’re seeing them for the very first time. Day two is hearing day is a day to carefully listen to the world around you. I’m pretty nervous about this since that means not having any music playing in the background. Day three is touching day where you focus on your sense of touch to guide you through the world. How different would everything seem if touch was your main sense? and finally Day Four is sensing day, where you pay strong attention to how things around you make you feel. Let your emotions steer your day and don’t overthink them.

creepycrystal ballSo that’s the plan! Starting tomorrow, June 7th, I will take more notice of how I see, hear, touch and experience the world and log it at the end of the day. By the end of that four days I’m hoping to have a better understand about how it is the psychic part of my brain works, and maybe even change the way I work as a psychic.


So check the blog over the next couple of days, pick up a copy of The Natural Psychic on Amazon and if you already have the book I’d love for you to do it along with me!

Photo Credit: Flickr/ADiamondFellFromTheSky, with some edits by me.


One thought on “Four Day Psychic Sensory Challenge!

  1. greetings, I have had some psy ability all my life and I have also been drawn to wicca as a child I also believed in a female deity but never put any of these things together. one day I was on a friends balcony outside. it was completely overcast and I said oh great wind make the clouds depart ruler straight abouve this house and on till the sky is clear and within one to two min. the sky started to ciear in a strait line directly over the house till it completely cleared . I also know things that will happen sometime. id like some asistanse w/ this. christine


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