Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 2: Hearing Day

creepycrystal ball

Today is day 2 of my psychic sensory challenge, inspired by Ellen Dugan’s The Natural Psychic, and this was a tough one.

This is the day when I’m supposed to focus on the sounds of the world around me (especially the natural world) and see how different it feels not to drown noise.

Confused? Go back to the beginning of my Four Day Psychic Sensory Challenge!

I will admit that I am crazy guilty of drowning out noise. I’m a music fanatic and I always have it playing, in the background of my house, in earphones, at work. I make special playlists for everything from a casual bike ride, to witchy rituals, to holidays, to the type of food I’m eating. (No joke, my Mexican food night playlist is amazing.) Spending a day without music playing was just as difficult as I thought it would be.

I was extremely uncomfortable. I like the quiet, but I don’t like that much quiet. Not that it actually was quiet, I live in a really urban area of town and my neighbourhood is bumpin’. I heard kids playing, I heard people working at the nearby train yard, I heard birds chirping, cats meowing, neighbours cutting their grass or yelling or laughing. I could hear phones ringing in the apartment building across the street and dogs barking and playing in my neighbour’s yard. When school let out I heard the bell and then yelling and busses roaring to life.

A bout of tendinitis in my ankle kept me at home on the balcony rather than in a nice quiet wood or park like Ellen Suggested, but even in my house the sounds never stop. I heard my bunny, Jimmy Hoppa, hopping around and scratching his little nails on the floor (he needs a trim!). My appliances from the 50s hum like crazy all day long. My curtains rattled and fluttered in the breeze coming in through the window, and some unseen electronic in my house lets out like, an ultrasonic screech I couldn’t find.

I was honestly floored by the sheer volume of my littler slice of the world when I’m not blaring the crappy 90s pop-rap I like to listen to during the day! Doing a tarot reading without my usual witchy playlist was really difficult. I was distracted all day long.

I don’t know if anything I heard was a psychic sound or just a regular weird sound. The wind always whispers, right? Those voices I heard were probably neighbours….probably. I don’t know. I do know that I don’t envy people with a strong clairaudient gift because if you have constant psychic sounds, for which there is no source to find, playing in your ears all day I can’t believe you get anything done. I think I’ll stick to my playlists and earbuds.the-natural-psychic.w250

Tomorrow is Touching Day, and I am SO excited! I love to touch weird and interesting things. Sticking my hand in a kangaroo pouch is right near the top of my bucket list… even though it’s no doubt super gross.

So check back tomorrow, and if you want to follow along pick up a copy of The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan and figure out your own innate psychic gifts!

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