Announcement – The Canada Post Strike


I’ve decided to put my Etsy shop on Vacation Mode for the duration of the Canada post strike. A few people have asked why don’t I just use other privatized shipping providers? Honestly I have a great relationship with CP. There are CP locations all around town, and multiple just within walking distance. The 2 that I use have great staff that don’t charge me an arm and a leg to ship out small items, and are super friendly.

If I was shipping out big, heavy, high cost items all the time I might consider a service like fed ex, but that’s just not what I do and travelling by bus into the next town to get to the closest branch is not worth it for small packages.

I hope everyone understands and that you’ll check back regularly to see when ordering is available again:)

Of course, this does mean that my job has burned down and now my online source of income is temporarily out of comission, so if you could find it in your hearts to donate to ym personal crowdfunding campaign via podbean that would mean the absoute world to me.


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