Back in Black (Clothes)!


It might not have been immediately obvious to you (and that’s ok!) that I basically disappeared after Lughnasadh, but I’m back online!

I know just bailing out and shutting down isn’t a great way to handle stress, but my flight or fight response has always been firmly planted at “flight” and I do what I can. I’ve never been great at handling criticism or hate (and I doubt I ever will be) and so removing myself from it so I can think with the rational part of my brain has always been the only thing I can come up with.

I’m sorry if you were waiting for episodes. I’m sorry if you tried to send messages. I’m sorry if you were worried.

My facebook page is back up and I will be getting back to posting regularly starting today, though I’m going to change my approach a bit. I will no longer acknowledge the people who harass me online, whether they are just regular people or pseudo-celebrities grappling for relevancy. I won’t answer your messages, I won’t acknowledge your posts on my page, and I won’t engage with you in online groups. This isn’t just an online change, either. I will follow my own advice with dealing with witch wars and simply ignore you and do my own thing. I don’t owe anyone an explaination of who I am or my actions.

So many of you have this image in your mind of this badass woman behind the voice of The Fat Feminist Witch, and I really want to be that person. That’s why I started this. To find my voice. To make my own place. To make room for myself and people like me in this world and in this spiritual climate. In my absence I realize that the haters were a small group. Those of you who are amazing and supportive and CONSISTENTLY amazing and supportive. The messages and emails I get from so many of you feeling empowered by things I’ve shared has always been so surprising, but in the last month and a half I’ve finally realized that that’s because you’re my people. You feel something when I share because we’re the same. That means a lot to me. It doesn’t happen nearly as often in person, and I’ve noticed it missing.

I missed y’all.

To those I haven’t talked to, or who found me in the midst of my little crisis I truly apologize for dropping the ball and hope I can make it up to you now.

Thanks for sticking around.

9 thoughts on “Back in Black (Clothes)!

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  1. Yay you’re back!!!! You are a badass woman for putting in all this effort, for approaching things realistically, for having a great sense of humor, for backing up your work with research, and also for admitting when you’re vulnerable and need to take care of yourself. Fuck yeah!

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  2. I am only new to the witch label, although I feel as though the label is the only new thing about me and that comes from listening to your podcast (and some others). You do a great job and remember, it was the haters that kept Bieber in the limelight. You don’t have to listen to them, just thank them for always needing to think about you and they do think about you because they are insecure within themselves and so blame others for their own misgivings. Sorry if I sound like I am rambling… I’m eating breakfast 🤓


  3. I was wondering where you were and if things were okay. Glad you’re back! Sorry to hear about the haters but fuck ’em. We love you and can’t wait to listen to more episodes!


  4. Yay!! I am happy you took the time you needed to recoup. I am looking forward to your content and your sassy witchy humor. Blessed be sis!


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