We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby


November 11, 2015 I posted my first ever podcast episode online! What a stressful, enlightening, empowering, and downright weird year it’s been. I’m super psyched to no longer be recording and editing my episodes in the “voice memos” app on my phone and to share my voice and feelings with other voices and feelings all over the world. Even on days when I’m throwing that same old phone across the room and cursing the internet, I’m so glad I get up every morning and think about what cool or exciting thing The Fat Feminist Witch can do or research or read or create today before anything else. Even when I’m too tired to post or record or do the very least, I’m never tired of being my truest and witchiest self or of seeing how true and witchy you all are in your own lives. Thanks for being here for any part of the last year, and I hope on this day next year we’re all still together. I hope we’re all still our truest selves and as committed to helping others as we’ve been together. You’ve all changed my life and I love you for it.

To celebrate my podcastavesary few people recommended I do a BEST OF list and that just sounds silly and self-centered enough to be funny so here we go!

Best First Episode Award

Yeah yeah yeah, I’m being a little ridiculous here but come on! Introductory Awkwardness is not only a perfectly apt title for this episode, but it taught me a very important lesson:

‘Um’, ‘Uhh’, and ‘Like’ are the glue that holds my vocabulary together.

Listen to the episode on Podbean here and don’t judge me

Holy Shit, I Can’t Believe This is Happening Award


Shortly after recording Episode 12 – Not Every Goddess Has a Sacred Womb I was absent-mindedly looking through a Lewellyn catalogue and actually screamed when I saw the ad for Jailbreaking the Goddess. It was exactly what I had just talked about – how the very biology-focused triple goddess model was inefficient and incomplete, and that it didn’t include all pagans or witches. The interview itself was so fun and so exciting and Lasara really made me feel good about being “an unapologetic social justice warrior”. The book really is revolutionary and inspiring, and so was this interview for me.

Listen to my Interview with Lasara Firefox Allen Part 1

Listen to my Interview with Lasara Firefox Allen Part 2

Dopest Witch Party Award

ConVocation is a 4 day pagan convention in Michigan and I went this year for the first time, armed with The Fat Feminist Witch promo materials (my first ones!), a lot of caffeine, and a really comprehensive and thoroughly planned out workshop schedule… and two friends. Not only did I take amazing workshops from brilliant pagan leaders and witches, but I met Ellen Dugan (she rocked!), attended a real voodoo ritual, and danced my face off right next to Selena Fox. It really was the dopest witch party I’ve been to.

I made a similarly hilarious FAVES post for that too here – ConVocation 2016 Faves

Best Guest Host Award

I couldn’t mention ConVocation without mentioning my amazing guest host for the podcast episode: JOSE CUERVO!

… yikes. More like “Funnest Mistake Award”.


The perks of being self-employed and working from your kitchen, am I right?

B.R.O.S. and Cons with Special Guest Jose C. – Podcast Ep

Best Press Award

fatfeministwitch: I’ve decided to participate in The Hexing of Brock Turner, The Stanford Rapist tonight. Luckily I’m at work and my bosses recently made this SUPER BLACK anise candle. And I have a hekate incense and oil. Sold. If you want to learn more or maybe find a way to participate without a hex check out the #wildhunt article about it and the Facebook event http://wildhunt.org/2016/06/pagans-launch-hex-action-in-conjunction-with-sexual-assault-case.html #brockturner #hexbrockturner #stanfordrapist #justice #hex #curse #magick #witch #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #pagan

I can’t believe I got ANY press, let alone press as cool as I did. I’ll be telling other people’s grandkids about the day I got in the news for hexing a rapist until the day I die from choking on that story. I’m still excited about it. I bragged about it to my mom. Of course this award wouldn’t be possible without the hilarious and talented Jaya Saxena from The Daily Dot who contacted me on instagram after seeing a post I’d made about hexing the Stanford Rapist. She wrote a fantastic article titled “How To Hex Brock Turner“, which also put me in touch with other witches who believed that it’s up to US to use OUR magick in the way we decide is necessary. Thanks to this I’m still in touch with those witches and I couldn’t be prouder to have been included.

Personal Favourite – Blog Post


Silver Screen Spellcraft: The Craft (1996)

Honestly, I don’t know why this is my favourite. Everyone liked it but it’s not like it out performed anything else stats-wise. I just had a lot of fun writing it, and I think it shows my personality a lot more than some of the other things I’ve done. It’s my favourite starting from live-tweeting The Craft in the first place all the way down to the last sentence of the post. Maybe I just love The Craft?

Personal Favourite – Episode

Always an appropriate time for a XENA gif

This was a hard choice. It’s like picking a favourite child. Though my episode about spiritual femininity got the most listens and probably had the most impact on anyone, Godless Heathens! – Podcast Ep was the first episode where people started to message me and email me, I started connecting with people, and I started finding out that I wasn’t alone in my ideas of witchcraft and spirituality. If Introductory Awkwardness was the birth of The Fat Feminist Witch, Godless Heathens was puberty. That one episode made me grow up so much and made me refine what I’m about as a person. Deep.

Wrap it up, Paige

Damn. My life is awesome!

I couldn’t have done it without you, literally.

Here’s to another year of ranting, raving, and wand-waving all UP in this bitch!


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