Book Review of Shadows: You and Your Future by Georgia Nicols


51k1rc13pxl You and Your Future is the first book by Canada’s foremost astrologer, Georgia Nicols, whose newspaper columns are read daily by millions. Now you can read 40 years of forecasts (1985-2025), allowing you to predict your future by testing Georgia’s accuracy in reading your past. Never before has a single astrology book spanned four decades of change — it’s the only astrology book you’ll ever need! Georgia’s sage advice for being happy in this — mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world is tailored to each sign. Here is a book you will treasure as it helps you reach your highest self. And you’ll be pulling it out of the bookcase and referring to it for the next quarter century. – From

This is my absolute favourite astrology book of all time. I spotted the gorgeous cover design in the New Westminster Library while living in British Columbia and checked it out over and over before ordering my own copy. Not only does she give you a full look at your personality and traits and relationships, she explains things like your rising sign, how to read your horoscope more thoroughly and quotes by and stories about famous people with your sign as examples. The book gives you both a look at how your sign affects the kind of person you are, and then predictive astrology for 40 years from 1985 to 2025!  I found the whole book really easy to read and follow, and super friendly and welcoming.

I will admit that the only sections for signs that I’ve read completely through are Capricorn and Sagittarius, as those are my sun signs, but I’ve perused all of the signs and I can say with certainty that every section is best as a whole. For example, my mother’s a Cancer so I looked up the “The Cancer Parent” and it didn’t really add up or suit her, then I read the “The Cancer Child” section where it described the consequences of not raising a Cancer child properly and it made it all click. Reading about the signs of others in this book really helps you understand them more! She also talks about what a rising sign is, how to figure it out, and suggests you read the section on your rising sign for more clarity.

I found just about everything about my personality traits, family dynamic, work ethic, romantic habits everything to be BANG ON. The section titled “How to be a Happier Capricorn” brought me to actual tears in the very first paragraph because it was so accurate. The 40 year forecast starts the year I was born, and I can see some accuracy in every year. A few weeks ago when I was making a plan for The Fat Feminist Witch for the coming year I actually consulted this section to make a timeline of when to shoot for certain things. I guess I’ll know in the next few years how accurate it is!

Another thing Georgia explains in this book? The reason you find a different range of dates for the signs in deifferent publications is because the exact dates change every year! Every astrologer decides which dates to use.

I absolutely loved this book and recommend it endlessly to everyone, but if you’re like me and you’re born on the cusp there’s nothing in here specific to you. Being born on the cusp of two signs means your birthday falls either at the very end or very beginning of you particular zodiac sign. I was born on December 25th, which is close enough to the tail end of Sagittarius that I’ve frequently felt myself feeling like a wild and fiery Sagittarius. No one has ever yet successfully guessed my zodiac sign because I just don’t act like a conventional Capricorn or sagittarius (or conventional anything, really…), but once they get to know me they can see elements of both. Reading both sections was really enlightening, but I would love it if I could see a little something about what kinds of traits cusp people are inclined to draw from each sign, or ways the two signs mix and interact in a single person. I often feel like my Capricorn and Sagittarius traits are at war and I’d love some info on how to deal with that specifically. This is the reason this book got 4 crystal balls out of 5.

The language is easy to read and incredibly friendly – it really feels like she’s sitting there telling you all of this over coffee (or irish coffee for some of these signs) – and works for people with no more horoscope or astrology experience than the blurb in the newspaper or astro experts who will be able to recognize how she’s coming to all of these conclusions. It explains how you were as a child, will be or are as a parent, a boss, and employee, a lover, and lists common personality flaws and likes and dislikes for people of your sign. She then uses astrology to predict your whole life up until 2025. So if you’re struggling to figure out a new career or life path or like you’re at a real crossroads in your life this book can really help you understand where you excel and gives you ideas on how to move forward.

georgia-sitting-300I bought it in 2011, when it was published, and have referred to it regularly every year since. Though Georgia Nicols is well-known throughout Canada, I didn’t hear about her until I lived in Vancouver! I live in the most Americanized part of Canada, and as I suspected this book didn’t get nearly enough attention in the US.Georgia writes regular horoscopes in like, every major Canadian publication and I believe she still has a monthly astrology segment on global tv!

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So Americans, if you’re looking for a great book on predictive astrology, head on over to AMAZON.CA and get a copy of You & Your Future by Georgia Nicols!


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