Leo Full Moon Eclipse February 10th 2017


Tonight there’s an eclipse of the full moon in Leo!

An eclipse marks the end of an energy cycle, something you’ve probably felt for a while without even noticing. It’s been a bit of a struggle as you’ve been focusing on what it is you think you need, which is of course distracting you from what’s really important! (isn’t that always the way?) Some of the stuff you’ve been working for and manifesting? It’s time to let it go. Especially if you’ve been struggling with it. It’s time to re-examine your latest failed spells, unmanifested goals, and maybe some of those wishes that doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter. If you’ve been working for money, this moon is a time to examine why you never have any. If you’ve been working for love, but you haven’t confronted your fear of being alone get ready for a cleansing weekend!

Many of us have been going through a lot of changes in the last year where we find ourselves purging everything we don’t need or that’s acting as a road block in our life. This energy continues through this moon. If you’ve been avoiding dealing with some road blocks in your life out of fear, or just a lack of emotional energy, this moon will give you an opportunity to get a better look at those feelings without as much fear. Despite the eclipse, it will be a very enlightening full moon.

Fridays are aligned with Venus – the planet and deity – and as such are especially good for magick and meditations concerning all types of love and relationships. It’s a good time to tell the people in your life how much you love them, and get deep with your conversations. It’s a good time to show love to others, and trust that you’ll be shown the same in return.

Violet Moon Salt – Perfect for full moon magick, clearing out old hurts, healing your heart, and cleansing your aura.

The whole moon won’t be quite SO intense, luckily. Both Leo and Fridays have a certain fun, cheeky, and spontaneous energy to them. That’s why Friday is date night! It’s a time to loosen up just a little. It’s a great night to spend with friends or loved ones, sharing stories about yourself and really connecting. It’s a good night to laugh over past experiences as you consciously release any past hurts into the universe. It’s a flowy and somehow still intensely fiery day! Go with that flow and follow it to adventure and beauty, because it’s out there in spades tonight.

Honestly, it’s just a marvelous night for a moondance.

After the Full Moon has started to wane, I would recommend doing a Road Opener spell or ritual. If you’re unfamiliar with Road Opening, there are some pre-made candles out there like THIS one from Coventry Creations, which I really like. You can also find road opener spells and info in Love Magic by Lilith Dorsey. Road Opener magic is a staple in hoodoo practice, and is used to open the way to a better future. It clears away past blockages and set backs, while smoothing out the way ahead. One of my favourite ways to perform a Road Opener spell is by making a small oil lamp, which corresponds with a Psalm that is often spoken for this kind of magic which is “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” The best part is you can make an oil lamp out of almost anything haha. For your carrier oil I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend olive oil. Seriously, just use olive oil. I also recommend getting floating wicks from your local craft store as it’ll save you a lot of stress.

Here’s a nice little tutorial about making your own at A Piece of Rainbow.

You can also get great Road Opener Products at Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

I hope you all have a magical and enlightening full moon!



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