Podcast ep – Interview with Lilith Dorsey



Thanks for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, the show that examines witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, activist lens. Today I’m talking with Lilith Dorsey, voodoo priestess and magickal consultant, about her new book Love Magic, which was published by Weiser Books last year.

Lilith and I discuss common issues with love magic as well as some of the great things about it, a few of the requests she’s had for love magic from clients, the music of love and magick, and how white practitioners and witches can approach african diaspora spiritualities with a little more reverence and respect.

This book received a 5 crystal ball rating out of 5 for it’s fun and totally non-judgemental tone, and the sheer volume of useful information. Even I, a celeibate person, found tons of spells and recipes and potions that could help me out.

Read it here – Book Review of Shadows: Love Magic by Lilith Dorsey

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4 thoughts on “Podcast ep – Interview with Lilith Dorsey

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