I’m Completely Obsessed with #WiccanChat

First of all, if y’all aren’t on twitter you’re missing out on TONS of great witchy and spiritual accounts, not to mention political ones. I think Twitter scares people because they don’t really see the point in repeatedly posting “status updates”, but that’s really not what twitter is. It’s a place to actually connect with and talk to other people in real time. It’s an awesome tool for finding news and finding blogs and stores and just other witches online. Without it I wouldn’t have been interviewed on Hippie Witch last week, or won my beautiful May Day flower crown!

Another thing I love about Twitter is when brands or bloggers host organized chats using a hashtag, and the last two weeks in a row I’ve taken part in this one in particular – #WiccanChat, hosted by Plentiful Earth. On Wednesdays at 11am CDT they pick a topic to focus on for the chat, and post different questions throughout the hour. People (like you, friend!) then post replies to the topic and include the hashtag. The first week was about “The Waning Moon”, and this last week was about “Balancing Wicca + Life”. Despite not being a wiccan, specifically, I’ve found some awesome tips and insight and connected with some really cool witches through these little chats. Plus it’s a nice way to spend some time in the middle of the day! I’ve been making a cup of coffee and grabbing a snack right before it starts and settling in.


Q2: How well do you feel you balance Wicca + life?

Answers from the Wiccan Community:

    • “I stink at balance. I go weeks when I don’t surface from my practice, then weeks when I can’t seem to get back to it I have daily rituals though. They’ve become habit. I hang onto those when I can do nothing else. Winter is my active season.” @madrabanrion
    • “I get two bursts of wild witchy energy every year, January and then DEFINITELY FALL. 🎃🎃🎃 I also get witch-lazy in the summer “ @FatFeministWitch 
    • “Pretty well, now! It used to be a weekend celeb. Now I’d say I tend to find the magick in everything! Every action, being” @kiza_design
    • “I strive to find the magick in everything. I experience and learn more through every day practice rather than long formal rituals.” @UmbreonKitsune 

I’m not saying all of this because I’m getting paid or anything, I promise. I just think this is really fun and witchy and want to spread the word and get more witches in on it! Like I said, even if you’re not specifically wiccan your opinions are welcome and you’ll interact with some cool new witches.


Q4: If you were to cast something out of your life right now, what would it be?

Answers from the Wiccan Community:

    • “The Mundane.”@TheKimaKingdom
    • “Guilt and self-doubt are probably my biggest obstacles to my magick so they can GTFO”@FatFeministWitch

Check out the recaps Plentiful Earth posted on their website and then log into Twitter tomorrow and chat with some wiccans!





4 thoughts on “I’m Completely Obsessed with #WiccanChat

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  3. I love the balance and the connection with earth and spirit,and the humbleness,it is a spiritual ,awakening and happiness is the key.


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