Get Back to Your Roots with the #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge!


A few weeks ago I shared my excitement over a new weekly chat on twitter hosted by Plentiful Earth – #WiccanChat! Despite the title, I’ve found that it’s full of witches from all different backgrounds and with all different kinds of practices every single week sharing their ideas and magick and opinions. It’s really exciting and a great way to spend an afternoon and connect with other witches.

Read “Iā€™m Completely Obsessed with #WiccanChat” here

I’m not the only one who’s loving the sense of online community created by the weekly #WiccanChats! Nicole and Michelle, two witches who didn’t even know each other before participating in the same chat, were inspired to create a daily challenge to help other witches get back to their magickal roots or even learn the basics for the first time.

The #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge starts August first, and outlines a magickal act for you to do, or topic to think about. It encourages you to find new ways of doing old things, for those of you who have been practicing for a long time. For those who are new to witchcraft this is a great opportunity for you to learn the basics, and develop a daily practice of your own! It includes topics like divination, crystal magick, and yoga (among others); and encourages you to get out in nature, write a spell, or celebrate the full moon.

My favourite aspect of the challenge is the fact that it’s mainly done offline, on your own, and is really just for you. It’s not about who can stage the witchiest picture and write the most magickal twitter update, it’s about working with your spirituality and trying new things. It’s also about connecting with other witches! Even if you decide not to share your daily challenges with other witches, Nicole and Michelle both implore you to reach out to other witches for tips.

“Don’t be afraid to send a private message to someone else who is participating and say ‘hey I’m struggling with this activity, do you have any ideas?’. I think sometimes we just forget to ask each other questions and it’s really valuable!” – Michelle

“Yes! Follow them, and comment, and let’s build some community around this!” – Nicole

Likewise, I hope lots of seasoned witches see this as a great opportunity to show those new to the craft the ropes or maybe update their own practices a little.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down and chat with both Nicole and Michelle on the Podcast recently to talk to them about their challenge and why it’s beneficial to develop a daily practice – listen here on Podbean or find it on iTunes Podcasts.


So what are you waiting for!? A sign from the cards? DIVINATION IS DAY 1 Y’ALL. So head to to check out the challenge and download your PDF checklist and share your adventures all month with the hashtag #30DaysMagicalRoots. Use this to learn, explore, and reach out to other witches… and share stories of you trying out a silly new yoga pose or the danger you see in your new birth chart! (IS IT THE GRIMM?!)

I`ll be posting weekly re-caps of my own Magical Roots journey at the end of every week as well as showing off some of the fun stuff on instagram or twitter! Feel free to reach out, ask questions, or share your own journey with Nicole (@witchingmoon13), Michelle (@NorthwestWitch), Plentiful Earth (@Plentiful_Earth) and me! (@fatfemnistwitch)










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