Book Review of Shadows: Blame Your Planet by Stella Hyde


9781578635986Blame Your Planet covers personalities, rising sign, ruling planet, Moon, qualities, and elements. It also details lifestyle choices (jobs, vacations, fashion, interior design, partners) all from a gripping, yet rarely discussed perspective. Blame Your Planet explores:

  • Your favorite deadly sin
  • Your annoying little ways
  • Your lunar nuisance that cramps your style
  • Your grimiest thoughts and succulent sex fantasies—in vivid detail
  • Your Opposite Sign that connects you to those born under it
  • Your Mr./Ms. Wrong
  • Your favorite holiday to ruin for everybody
  • Your dream darkside job—spy, assassin, dictator, drug baron, jewel thief, evil genius
  • Your darkside sign’s hall of infamy—the famous who share it with you

Fully illustrated, Blame Your Planet reveals the secret evil twin hidden in all of us. Welcome to the dark side. – Weiser Books

This book is an absolute riot, and the cover totally matches my asthetic. It’s colourful, it’s sassy, it’s kind of rude, and it’s absolutely hilarious. This is one of those astrology books you have to share with your friends. Not only will it be a total riot, but TO THEIR FACE you’ll get to tell them all of their worst qualities with no blow back!

That’s what I call BITCHCRAFT, y’all.

Now I can only talk with any certainty to the accuracy of the information in the Capricorn section, but when I told friends their bitch rating and favourite deadly sin I was usually right on the mark. One thing you need to remember going into your own darkside, is that this isn’t how you are ALL THE TIME. For some people they’re evil twin is on the outside, stealing candy from babies and burning down hospitals and shit, but most of us have at least delusions of keeping it contained. As a Capricorn my horoscopes have been telling me I’m an uptight meiser with an eye for politics and deception and a stop watch in my hand. This is so not legit. I’m not like that! Except I totally am… with myself. Of course I rarely go full capricorn on anyone, but I tend to hold myself to some of these staunch capricorn standards and I saw a lot of me in there.

Also remember that, for comedy’s sake, the book relies heavily on stereotypes. Have some fun with it!

I think my favorite parts of my section where my “Fave Deadly Sin” (Avarice. The sophisticated version of greed. Insatiability. Unless my inner goat comes out and then it’s Lust and Gluttony, fuck yeah.) and my Capricorn “hall of infamy”: Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Addams (the Addams Family creator) and J Edgar Hoover are all listed as related darksiders and I couldn’t be less surprised. Depressed and spooky, silly and spooky, and a real witch hunter. ( fun side fact – as a child I dreamed of joining the FBI!) I’m a little disappointed that Rod Serling, the creator of the Twilight Zone wasn’t on there – he shares my birthday on Christmas day.

My only real complaint is that the chapters seem to be a bit repetitive. The capricorn chapter really relied on the stingy money obsessed quality, and sometimes it was just kind of incessant. Like, yeah I GET IT BUT WHAT ELSE. I wish it had focused more on the “inner goat” aspects. I noticed some of the other chapters tended to have one theme that recurred a little too much as well.

Not only is this book fun, hilarious, and gorgeous, but it does help broaden your understanding of your zodiac sign and yourself. It includes lots of different aspects of your sign, and even helps you discover your moon sign, and gives information about finding birth charts. The back of the book also features a resources of other books, blogs, websites, and even apps to help you explore the zodiac a little further.

I definitely recommend this one to everyone interested in astrology, and having some fun with it.

Or anyone planning a sleep over!

#30DaysMagicalRoots day 29: Astrology!




Ever wondered what my crystal ball rating system actually means?

The Fat Feminist Witch Rating System:

🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮- I literally cannot live without it now
🔮🔮🔮🔮 – YASS
🔮🔮🔮 – It’s good, but it’s not for me
🔮🔮 – Nah
🔮 – I’m literally angry this even exists

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