🚨 You read it right, witches, Halloween is officially ONE WEEK AWAY. All week I’ll be sharing very witchy Halloween content on the blog and in a new podcast episode! 🚨


To get started, check out some of my previously spooooooky content on the Podcast and Blog:

Episode 2 – Witchy Wandering
“Hello again and welcome to the second episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast. Today I talk about witchy travel, pagan pilgrimage, worldwide sites of magic and why you should never seek out real witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts during the month of October.”

Episode 13 – Hexing Rapists, Movie Magic, Sketchy Solstice!
Features an overview of the magic used by the witches in a Halloween Witch classic – The Craft! You can also read the Blog Post

Book Review of Shadows: Crystal Skulls by Judy Hall
What’s more Halloween-y than skulls? really?

Book Review of Shadows: Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith
This is the best book on Candle Magic I’ve ever read, and features multiple spells and herbs for communicating with the dead and other Samhain-style magicks. 

Up Your Pagan Potluck Game!
This blog post isn’t Halloween specific, but if you’re looking to throw a witchy gathering for Samhain check out these tips on throwing a fun and ethical Sabbat celebration!

Episode 26 – Black Cat Magick!
Black cats are right up there with skulls and pumpkins as quintessential symbols of the halloween season. Learn about their spooky history, and how to work your own black cat magick. You can also read about it in the Blog Post.


Episode 15 – A Very Fat Feminist Halloween Special 
The Halloween episode of the Podcast from 2016!
“In this very special and spooky episode of the podcast I’m talking about some of the super fun myths and legends associated with the Halloweeniest version of the witch! I cover why brooms fly, green skin, twitching noses and in Sketchy Herbs and Magic Rocks I talk about magical uses for REAL Eye of Newt and the walls of the Emerald City!

I also read my favourite spooky story – The Green Ribbon! This episode is full of some good old fashioned halloween fun. “

Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Eye of Newt & Emerald
“Happy Halloween, Witches! In a very special Halloween edition of Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks we’re covering the witchiest herb around and the crystal that powered an entire magical city!”

Eye of Newt, Flying Ointments, Nose Twitches & Frog Princes: Part 1
Eye of Newt, Flying Ointments, Nose Twitches & Frog Princes: Part 2
“Pointy hats, black cats, toads, frogs, creepy potions and flying brooms have dominated our views of witches for hundreds of years. The witch is such an interesting piece of myth that new legends and standards are being invented all the time. Purple eyes, green skin, twitching noses and flying vacuum cleaners have all become recognizable just in the last century. Since Halloween and Samhain are fast approaching, let’s look at where some of the myths that make up witchy halloween costumes come from.”

Episode 18 – Interview with Natalie Zaman
“Thanks for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Podcast, today I’m doing my ranting, raving, and wand-waving with Natalie Zaman, author of Magical Destinations of the Northeast: Sacred Sites, Occult Oddities, and Magical Monuments! In addition to discussing the book and being a responsible magickal traveler, Natalie and I discuss graveyard souvenirs and grave rubbings!”

One Witch’s Opinion: Every Single Version of “I Put a Spell on You” is The Best Song Ever
If this isn’t on your Halloween playlist, I mean, what are we even doing here?

Book Review of Shadows: Old Style Conjure by Starr Casas
This is the best resource I’ve found for those who want to start working with ancestors and spirits. The book talks about ancestral altars, offerings to spirits, and graveyard etiquette (among other hoodoo topics!).

Keep an eye on the website, the podcast (here! at fatfeministwitch.podbean.com!) and social media for more HALLO-WEEK fun including book reviews, tarot readings, and a new podcast episode!

Taken by me! Paige Vanderbeck, The Fat Feminist Witch
Salem, Massachusetts, 2015, Paige Vanderbeck

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