Witchy Weather Report: Friday’s Witch


Everyday, as you’re getting ready to leave for work or hit the town with your friends or look for that perfect new job, you take stock of the general vibe of the day so you know how to approach it. You stick your head out the window to check the weather, notice how quick the second hand on your clock is moving, and try to read the dispositions of those you meet on the street. Every day has it’s own energy and when you walk out the door in the morning (or the afternoon, no judgements!) as a good little witch, it’s best to have your magickal arsenal backing you up!

Monday’s Witch is tranquil and white
Tuesday’s Witch wields fire and might
Wednesday’s Witch is wacky but wise
Thursday’s Witch keeps their eye on the prize
Friday’s Witch mixes coconut and lime
Saturday’s Witch can bend space and time
but the Witch who works on Sunna’s day will always bring bright blessings their way

The word “correspondences” doesn’t sound hella interesting or witchy, so don’t think of this as a post about magickal daily correspondences, think of this as your witchy weather report for the days of the week! Much like a daily horoscope (like the ones from Broadly, which I LOVE and check religiously), these daily bits of astrological magick will tell you the kind of spells to focus on, colours to wear and use, witchy tools to wield, or just in general how to be the best witch you can be that day. When you combine this daily witchery with things like moon phases, current astrolgoical phases, and the season you’re in with your own witchy intuition you have a fully fledged magical almanac.

One of my favourite things about daily magick is that it helps break up ruts and monotonous magical slumps. It gets you thinking magickally every day and gives you small things to focus on. Over time this builds into a great daily practice. You don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to write your own horoscope or even be fully versed in astrology. I’m not! Every day and once a month I read a hororscope from Broadly, I get weekly and monthly astrology reports from Georgia Nicols in my inbox, and I love the Hoodwitch’s weekly witch tips. When we move into astrological seasons I trust other astrologers to give me the highlights, and the same with the astrological signs of the moon. I use that info from those brilliant people, with my own witchy knowledge of daily magick to give myself daily witchy forecasts so I have a head start on the day. I use a magickal day planner to keep it all in and make it look pretty and colourful so I can start the day off right. (OK SO YEAH I’M AN OFFICE SUPPLY NERD, OK??)
This week I’ll be posting about the energy of the day every morning so you can start your day off right and maybe do a little magick.


  • Planet: Venus
  • Planetary Symbol: Š Venus’ hand mirror
  • Element: Water
  • Colours: Pink, red, aqua green, mother of pearl, coral, sea blue
  • Stones & Metals: Copper and Gold; Rose quartz, amber, coral, lepidolite, rhodocrosite, pink tourmaline, pearl, emerald, aquamarine
  • Incenses, Herbs & Oils: Vanilla, rose, apple, ylang ylang, violet
  • Tarot Cards: The Lovers, Two of Cups, The Empress

Friday was named after the goddess Freya and is a day of love, friendship, beauty and fertility. It’s a flowy, happy energy day.

Friday is a day of cool, luxurious water and fresh flowers. Floral and feminine smells and incenses like roses and ylang ylang call these love goddesses into your space. Apple is the sacred food of love, femininity and fertility and is great to eat, wear and use on Fridays. Vanilla is for the more sensual and sexual side love’s energy.

The Birth of Oshun by Harmonia Rosales

Almost all stones in shades of pink and that are associated with love work with Friday’s energy. Things found in the water like pearl, coral and shell or mother of pearl are extra appropriate because goddesses of love are almost always connected with the sea, like Aphrodite, Venus, and Oshun. Pink tourmaline is a powerful stone to clear out and open the heart. This is excellent for those who’ve dealt with serious pain and trauma in the realms of love and sex in the past. Amber is a warm healing stone sacred to Freya. This fossilized resin heals emotional and physical wounds – many people give amber necklaces to teething babies as it works to ease pain. You might also like stones that call attention to you like anything magnetized, or something flashy like goldstone (blue is my favourite!)

Types of Thursday Magick: beauty magick, attracting love, fertility and sexuality magick, apple divination, water scrying, magickal baths and bathing, work with cat familiars, female empowerment and sensuality, getting noticed, self-esteem work, charms and potions

Tarot: The Lovers card seems to be a very obvious message, and indeed it is the merging of two forces. This could be a romantic or sexual relationship, a friendship or even a business partnership. More importantly, it’s about choice. If you perform love magick on a Friday, include the lovers card to make it clear you’re not trying to bend anyone’s will. You want to be someone’s first choice. The Two of Cups is the card to use when you’re looking for an emotional connection. Some decks even use Eros as the figure on this card, and show his happy, though misunderstood, marriage to psyche. The Empress is a card of motherhood and fertility, but it’s also a card of a woman in charge of her own realm. Use this card to focus on to get in touch with your strong female energy, which can include sensuality and sexuality or motherhood, but can also symbolize independence.

Dress for magickal success: Though you can go with all pink all over, you can also include symbols of what you find sensual or romantic. Frills and flowers? Great. Black leather and lots of skin? Great too! Dress like the sensual hero or heroine in your own story and feel sexy and loved.

There’s a reason fridays are date night! It’s a perfect day for fun and romance, and has an exciting and flirty quality. Everyone gets excited for the weekend, even if they work the whole time. There’s just something special about coming to the end of a cycle! It’s a good time to celebrate. I love to take baths on friday nights, wear my grandmother’s pearls, and make plans to share my time with someone I love. ❤




Some of my favourite sources of daily magick:

Magical Fashionista by Tess Whitehurst

The Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Coloring Book of Shadows Planners by Amy Cesari

The Witch’s Almanac by Weiser Books

Llewellyn’s Witches Companion and Datebooks

Plus the online sources listed above!
Where do you get your daily magical advice?


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