Witchy Weather Report: The Weekend’s Witch


Everyday, as you’re getting ready to leave for work or hit the town with your friends or look for that perfect new job, you take stock of the general vibe of the day so you know how to approach it. You stick your head out the window to check the weather, notice how quick the second hand on your clock is moving, and try to read the dispositions of those you meet on the street. Every day has it’s own energy and when you walk out the door in the morning (or the afternoon, no judgements!) as a good little witch, it’s best to have your magickal arsenal backing you up!

Monday’s Witch is tranquil and white
Tuesday’s Witch wields fire and might
Wednesday’s Witch is wacky but wise
Thursday’s Witch keeps their eye on the prize
Friday’s Witch mixes coconut and lime
Saturday’s Witch can bend space and time
but the Witch who works on Sunna’s day will always bring bright blessings their way

The word “correspondences” doesn’t sound hella interesting or witchy, so don’t think of this as a post about magickal daily correspondences, think of this as your witchy weather report for the days of the week! Much like a daily horoscope (like the ones from Broadly, which I LOVE and check religiously), these daily bits of astrological magick will tell you the kind of spells to focus on, colours to wear and use, witchy tools to wield, or just in general how to be the best witch you can be that day. When you combine this daily witchery with things like moon phases, current astrolgoical phases, and the season you’re in with your own witchy intuition you have a fully fledged magical almanac.

One of my favourite things about daily magick is that it helps break up ruts and monotonous magical slumps. It gets you thinking magickally every day and gives you small things to focus on. Over time this builds into a great daily practice. You don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to write your own horoscope or even be fully versed in astrology. I’m not! Every day and once a month I read a hororscope from Broadly, I get weekly and monthly astrology reports from Georgia Nicols in my inbox, and I love the Hoodwitch’s weekly witch tips. When we move into astrological seasons I trust other astrologers to give me the highlights, and the same with the astrological signs of the moon. I use that info from those brilliant people, with my own witchy knowledge of daily magick to give myself daily witchy forecasts so I have a head start on the day. I use a magickal day planner to keep it all in and make it look pretty and colourful so I can start the day off right. (OK SO YEAH I’M AN OFFICE SUPPLY NERD, OK??)
This week I’ll be posting about the energy of the day every morning so you can start your day off right and maybe do a little magick.


  • Planet: Saturn
  • Planetary Symbol: ♄Saturn’s sickle or scythe
  • Element: Earth, Spirit
  • Colours: Dark purple, dark blue, black, grey, dark green, wine red
  • Stones & Metals: Lead; obsidian, jet, black tourmaline, hematite, lapis lazuli, galaxyite, amethyst
  • Incenses, Herbs & Oils: Myrrh, Patchouli, Morning Glory, Mullein, Pomegranate, Mugwort, Rosemary
  • Tarot Cards: Knight of Swords, Two of Swords, The Hermit

Saturday was named after the roman god Saturn, who was a god agriculture, limitations and the passage of time. Saturday is a day to wrap up loose ends, to take it easy, to magical clean and cleanse your space and to look inward.

In addition to our infinitely patient god of earth and space, Saturday is Hekate’s day. Hekate was the all-powerful goddess of magick and witches. She is the patron deity of witches everywhere and is associated with the stages of life, the magick of all of the elements and even darker elements such as death and crossroads. Hekate is a goddess is gets stuff done, and Saturdays reflect this as a day to clear up everything that needs clearing up and even physical cleaning and getting your home in order.

Many of the plants and incenses associated Saturday are almost cliché witch herbs. Morning Glory, which is hallucinogenic and all consuming, Mugwort which aids in divination and magick (and just SOUNDS witchy!), Mullein which is used to talk with the dead and pomegranate, the food of the underworld. Myrrh is sweet and brings in a witch’s connection to the moon; patchouli creates a deep connection to the earth, and rosemary and hearty and stable.

The stones to use on Saturdays all seem to have very spacey and also somehow earthy energies. Black stones repel negativity, offer protection, are used in scrying and divination, are earthy and stabilizing, and are very cleansing. Jet, as an amber, is also a status symbol for witches and is worn by many high priestesses to denote rank. Lapis lazuli, galaxyite, and amethyst all work with your third eye and connect you to higher realms.

Types of Saturday Magick: spirit communication, star scrying, spiritual cleansing and clearing, all magic, spiritual and astral travel, warding, banishing, cursing and hexing, deity worship, grounding, shadow work, past life regression


Tarot: The Hermit shows an image of Saturn himself, father time. If it shows up in a Saturday reading, it’s time to look inward, slow down, and accesses your growth or progress. You can also use this as a representation or link to the god. The two of swords frightens people, but it’s about balance and about creating a choice. It signifies that now is the time to make a choice, any choice. Even the wrong choice pushes you forward. It’s a good card for those pushing themselves to get things done on Saturday. The Knight of Swords is a card of no fear! This is a card to give you strength when dealing with some of the darker magic that is done on Saturdays. You’ve made a choice and now is the time to dive in!

Dress for magickal success: Saturday is the day to break out all of the gothic items from the 80s you know you’re holding on to. Classically witchy looks like all black, dark purples, stars and galaxy prints and powerful feeling clothing items are for Saturdays. If you’re staying home and tending the garden of your life, earthy comfortable fabrics like cotton in subdued colours let people know you don’t need anything flashy to be powerful.





  • Planet: The Sun
  • Planetary Symbol: ☉The sun at the centre of our galaxy
  • Element: Fire
  • Colours: Yellow, orange, gold, hot pink
  • Stones & Metals: Gold; carnelian, citrine, amber, tiger’s eye, fire opal, sunstone
  • Incenses, Herbs & Oils: Frankincense, orange, cinnamon, bergamot, cedar, rosemary, sunflower, st john’s wort
  • Tarot Cards: The Sun, Ace of Wands, The Chariot

It’s no mystery where Sunday got its name, and indeed it’s a day of bright, warm, illuminating and endlessly happy energy. Today’s a day to focus on everything you’ve accomplished in your life and spend it basking in the warmth of that feeling.

Sunna was the Norse goddess of the sun and drove the solar chariot across the sky that brought us the daylight. In ancient Rome and Greece, this exact action was accomplished by Helios and Apollo, respectively. Indeed, many people equate sun energy with more “masculine” energy. The Celtic’s revered the goddess Brighid as the keeper of fire – internal fire of emotion, the healing and cleansing fire, and fire of the hearth and home. (Sorry, gods!) All of these deities are described in similar ways, brightly shining, golden, infinitely happy and compassionate about their people. This is why Sunday is such a great day to spend with families.

Smells and plants associated with Sunday are warm and spicy like cinnamon, but combined with a more clearing scent like orange and frankincense. Cedar and Rosemary bring the outside in, and call in the smells and feelings of warm weather and plants that thrive in the sun. In its mundane life, St John’s Wort is used as an anti-depressant and calms anxiety, which makes it a great herb to accompany Sunday’s cheerful energy.

Though your fiery, red Mars stones and crystals from tuesday will help you get some things done today, consider some more gentle yellows instead. Reach for citrine and amber to bring sunshine, joy, and relaxation on a nice warm sunday. If you’re spending the day with your love, put a piece of sunstone in your bra or near your heart to add sexy and funny sun energy to your date.

Types of Sunday Magick: spells for happiness and love, spells for success for the following week, spells regarding family and familial relation, spells for illumination or clarification, rituals marking growth and abundance, candle magick

Tarot: The Sun card is the obvious choice for Sunday tarot. The nice thing about the sun card is that it’s so happy and bright that no matter where it falls in a reading it lightens up every other card just a little bit. This is exactly the energy of Sunday. The Ace of Wands is the beginning of a fiery new journey. Everything is ahead of you now! Sunday is a time to start fresh, with new passion and creativity. The Chariot card could be travel or transportation – taking a Sunday drive with someone you love, maybe – but this is another card about balance and compromise. We all wish we could be the Sunday versions of ourselves forever, but eventually Monday will come and we’ll pull back into the calm, cool night. Don’t feel like you’re being pulled in two directions, recognize this time for what it is and make the most of it, and be ready to work with the energy of the other days of the week.

Dress for magickal success: Sunday’s energy is happy, but calm. Wear bright colours and simple patterns, or include suns, stars, and sparkles for a more brilliant sunny shine. Don’t bog yourself down with too much jewellery and wear comfortable shoes – this is a day to get out and celebrate your life. Wear something that makes you feel warm and comfortable inside and out, but that lets you move around and change direction spontaneously.



Some of my favourite sources of daily magick:


Magical Fashionista by Tess Whitehurst

The Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Coloring Book of Shadows Planners by Amy Cesari

The Witch’s Almanac by Weiser Books

Llewellyn’s Witches Companion and Datebooks

Plus the online sources listed above!
Where do you get your daily magical advice?


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