Sit for a Spell! Magickal Pour-Over Coffee

*Sit for a Spell! will be a new feature on the blog and podcast where I share a little spell from my own grimoire with instructions to do it on your own!*

Ah, coffee. Without it, I would probably die. Or at least… get a brutal headache from the withdrawals. Though herbal tea has long been associated with witches and psychics – especially when it comes to reading the leaves for divination – coffee is just as magickal, spooky, and witchy. Making your morning coffee can also be incredibly ritualistic, and if you make it right when you get up, it might also be something damn-near instinctual at this point. That’s a perfect opportunity to make some magick!

Of course, you can magick up your coffee no matter what method you use, and I’ll add some general tips near the bottom of this post, but I make my coffee with the pour-over method these days, and I relish in swirling the hot water over the grinds, getting that whiff of coffee (a love spell on its own, tbh), and watching the grinds soak up the water.

Also, my crappy drip brewer broke and a friend bought me a gorgeous pour-over maker that sits perfectly on top of my favourite cup haha.


Mine is a lot like the one on the far-left

You’ll Need:

  • Your favourite coffee (this is mine, but any works as long as you LOVE it!)
  • Paper or cloth filters that fit your maker
  • Kettle or pot in which to boil water
  • Your regular coffee fixins
  • Your absolute favourite mug. Witchy is great, but it’s more important that you LOVE the shape, size, handle, design, whatever.)
  • Coffee scoop, spoon, the usual.


Spell it!


Click to enlarge


When I first got my pour over maker, I found these directions and still use them now. So let’s go through these steps and add in some MAGICK.

Step 1. I don’t use a full half the water I’ve boiled, but when I pour in some hot water to start I say “may this coffee help me be warm towards others, and help them treat me warmly.”

Step 2. Instead of thinking of it as the “centre of the bed” I think of it as the heart of my coffee. “may this coffee open my heart and allow it to radiate warmth and joy”

Step 3. This is where you can start getting a bit creative. I pour my coffee in a swirl to make sure all the grinds get wet. If I pour the water counterclockwise, I think of or say things I want to banish or keep away today. This morning I banished fear, anger, doubt in myself, and a lot of the specific anxious feelings I’ve been feeling lately. If I pour clockwise, I think of the things I want to attract or increase today. So after my CC pour, I poured clockwise and asked for confidence, creativity, and inspiration.

You’ll probably need a few pours so don’t be afraid to do both in one cup! I make sure each magickal pour has gone through before starting the next one.

Your coffee might be done! If you like your coffee black, pick it up, hold it in your hands and send an extra infusion of magick or blessing into your cup before taking a drink and like REALLY loving it. I want you to love it, not just need it to get going in the morning.

Now if you like milk/cream/non-dairy milk creamer things and any sweetener you can make that magickal too! Use the directions above while you stir these things in. Offer thanks to the cows or almonds or coconuts that gave you your “milk”, and ask the sugar to bless your day with sweetness toward and from everyone you meet today. I’ve been using a coffee mate brand NATURAL BLISS creamer and I definitely asked it to allow me to feel blissful in my daily life. Thanks, advertisers! Now hold that cup, make sure you’ve added in your magickal intentions, and take a sip of your amazing magickal coffee.

That’s it! You have a magickal coffee! You poured it yourself! So witchy!


Of course you can be totally extra and cast a circle first, light candles and incense, or add in other magickal ingredients like spices, flavours, sigils on your cup whatevs. I fully support that. Here’s some of the OTT coffee things I do:

  • I like flavoured cream/milk. like, a lot. I didn’t before, but I’ve gotten hooked. I tend to have at least 2 flavours on hand that I know have different magickal uses like a vanilla and a hazelnut or whatever. Pick the one that works best for you and ellicits the proper feelings in you. You can also bless your cream and milk by holding it in your hands and whispering your blessing or wishes into the bottle, or visualize filling it with a magickal light.
  • One of my favourites is adding in elixirs and essences from gems and magickal plants. Oh yes! I have a third eye gem elixir that goes into my coffee whenever I have withccraft to do that day (as if I have non-witchy days lol). For example if you’re making coffee for a new date or love you can add in rose quartz elixir to encourage sweetness and love, or something like fire agate if you want to encourage passion and lust.
  • You can also make your own sugarey syrups that include magickal ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon, and even herbs like lavender. If you drink a coffee that describes itself as being chocolatey or having hints of toffee, add herbs and flavours to your blend that match that. if you drink a light roast that describes itself as fruity or citrusey, don’t be afraid to work in those flavours. (I’ve been using THIS recipe for a caramelly syrup for my coffee)
  • Some herbs and spices can be thrown on top of your grinds before you poor in the coffee to help infuse the drink with flavour – some of my favourite are cinnamon, ginger, and fresh nutmeg. (yea yea, it’s basically pumpkin spice coffee.)
  • If you have eatable markers you can draw sigils on the bottom of your cup or right onto the filter for whatever magickal purpose you need! I also have a chalkboard mug that I’ll draw sigils or write intentions on before I pour.


thicc and sassy-molassy


Some general correspondences:

Coffee – Coffee on it’s own has plenty of magickal uses. It’s often used as a catalyst to speed up magickal workings, or even to make them more focused. It’s largely tied to the home, kitchen, and stove which is often related to abundance and prosperity. It’s also good for clearing mental and magickal blockages. NOTHING CAN STOP ME IF I HAVE MY COFFEE. (Coffee magick from the Magickal Kitchen.)

Milk and Cream – If you use milk or cream in your coffee, even without all the bells and whistles, they encourage nourishment, feeling satiated, and general prosperity.

Sugar – Sweetness and love! It’s really just that simple. You can of course assign different correspondences to different sugars for your coffee, like using RAW sugar to help encourage you to just BE YOURSELF and seeing the beauty in that.

Chocolate – I’m a cliche and think chocolate makes everything better, and I’m not wrong when it comes to coffee. My coffee is always described as having “chocolatey tones” in the flavour palette (that doesn’t mean the coffee is flavoured by the way) and I even like cafe mochas and chocolate flavoured coffee cream. This is because it’s warm and comforting, something I’m always looking for especially first thing in the morning. Chocolate also encourages prosperity, love, friendship, self-love, luxury, and nourishes your heart chakra. (Complete chocolate correspondences from Plentiful Earth)

Vanilla – vanilla is classic and all about love. Love and sweetness, loving yourself, loving the way you look, and loving everyone around you. Projecting and receiving love.

Cinnamon – This is one of my sister’s favourites. I firmly believe it’s because she’s a Scorpio. Don’t @ me. This is one of the world’s oldest and most-used spices. it’s good for everythign from strengthening your personal power, to psychic visions, attracting love or lust, and granting strength and magickal protection. (The Magickal Aspects of Cinnamon and Cassia from The Magick Kitchen)

Almond – I love almond milk, and almond milk coffee “creams” have become super popular. Almond is good for healing, prosperity and wisdom. Almond attracts good luck, and increases fertility (watch out!)

Nutmeg – One of my favourites! I love to grate a little bit of a whole nutmeg into the grinds of my coffee before brewing. Nutmeg is an amazingly magickal spice and has a long history of inducing psychic visions and powers, granting luck and attracting money.

Cardamom – Save cardamom for sultry mornings with lusty intentions! It’s great for increasing your charm and allure, attracting a new lover, and inducing feelings of lust and passion. It’s a venusian spice that’s related to ginger but has it’s own strong, unique taste. It pairs very well with cinammon but don’t use too much, less is more.

Coconut – again, coconut milk based coffee creams ahve become very popular. QUICK HEADS UP THO I am allergic! Yes, it sucks. So I don’t consume any coconut and when I use coconut in my coffee it’s usually for negative or banishing type purposes as the smell makes me feel icky. You lucky people who can have this sweet sweet jewel of the south pacific though can look forward to coconut adding allure and confidence, protection, psychic awareness, purification, and general spirituality to your morning brew.

Hazelnut – classic italian coffee flavour. (I was “and just two pumps of hazelnut” at my local starbucks for like 3 years straight.) This is another one that can boost your fertility, so watch out, but remember fertility isn’t always about birthing children. Use hazelnut to nourish your creativity, mental powers, psychic intuition, and can make your divinatons more accurate.  

Irish Cream & Whiskey – I firmly support irish coffee and everything it stands for. You can add whiskey on it’s own, or even get a flavoured cream or milk beverage. Whiskey is associated with both FIRE and WATER and as such it’s about shaking things up! Whiskey brings on great change, and helps you have the nerves to weather the storm. Bad ass. I also associate being able to have booze in the morning if you so choose with living the good life and being in chanrge of yourself and your own schedule. Cheers! (Magickal correspondences of alcoholic beverages)

and that’s it! Of course everyone likes their coffee differently and with different ingredients so how you whip up your special morning brew will be totally unique to you.





What kind of spells and rituals would you like to see featured in Sit for a Spell? let me know!


10 thoughts on “Sit for a Spell! Magickal Pour-Over Coffee

  1. Thanks for such a fun blogpost. I find coffee very magical. There’s a long tradition of reading coffee grounds, and there are also African coffee rituals.

    Aren’t some of the flavors you’re referencing, like hazelnut, flavored with imitation ingredients? Us it possible to get attention flavorings that are convenient to use? I sometimes add cinnamon and cardamom – the real deal, not invitation.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love cardamom and am bummed I actually didn’t think of it for this post! Some flavours are definitely fake and hazelnut is often fake… but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine haha. But you can get real vanilla beans, and real cinammon and nutmeg and gring them yourself for sure! If all you can afford is the processed stuff, that’s still ok. It’s really the intent that’s important with magick.

      I love the idea of reading coffee grounds. There used to be an older psychic in my county who did it out of her home, but I haven’t been able to track down someone who actully knows her number anymore haha. I wish it was a little more popular, but then the fact that’s a bit older is what makes it kind of special.


  2. Fantastic suggestions. I would never have thought of adding a crystal elixir. I’ll have to get onto making some and adding them to my cup…and probably find something a little more brew-worthy than the instant coffee I generally drink.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, if you like the instant a lot just go with it! You can still pour in a spiral, and add fun things! You might have to put cinammon or nutmeg in a tea bag or coffee filter and let it steep a bit to add those flavours, but that’s ok too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a good idea, pouring in a spiral. I get the instant stuff mostly because I can get it for 78p. for a small bag, which is cheaper by weight than a jar, which is cheaper than the beans themselves. But I think that’s something that’s forgotten quite a bit – all those magickal supplies aren’t necessary, you can work with what you’ve got!


  3. Oh I love the use of magickal goodness and intentions with the daily coffee ritual! I can’t take coffee daily sadly as my body seems to struggle processing it. But when I do have it boom! I accidentally had 6 shots once and was literally enlightened for half an hour. The Universal love was incredible. I’m gonna try his tomorrow as I have an early one yoga teaching! If you’re curious I write an article on Coffee : Drug or Deity a while ago on my blog 🙂 xx


    1. Sorry that’s at I don’t have any blogs in this profile yet… I didn’t even know I HAD this profile 😂


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