Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Clover & Preseli Bluestone

Today’s sketchy herb and magic rock are inspired by St. Patrick’s Day! I’m thinking of magick, faeries, good luck, and the mystical ancient Celts today, and working some magick with lucky Clover and Stonehenge stone!


Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Uses: Faerie Communication, luck, beauty, abundance and prosperity, protection, healing, exorcism

A clover doesn’t have to have 4 leaves to be lucky and magical! Not only are these sweet, tasty leaves and flowers attractive to bunnies and other adorable spring creatures, but they can be used to attract wealth and luck, to communicate with faeries, and in love and beauty spells and potions.

All clover blossoms are in tune with the faerie realm. In fact, clovers act as small doorways that allow us to communicate with faeries. If your St Patrick’s Day plans involve finding your own leprechaun or other faeries, spend time outdoors near clover and allow your mind wander into the dream world and pay attention to what you see – this is a message from the fae. I would bring a little offering of coins, gold leaf, beer, or other shiny prosperity type trinkets. I’d do the same if you’re just harvesting clover for magick as well.

Never use poison to kill wild clover if you’re interested in attracting faeries to your home or garden. That being said, if you’re having problems with faeries in your home or garden today might be a good time to remove the clovers, but offer a small token of apologies. Since they’re out and about, you can sing to them and tell them you mean no disrespect and that y’all could share a pint.

Clover makes an excellent flower essence – use it to communicate, and put it in body and room sprays to attract the fae to you. Add it to face washes and baths to increase your beauty, and charm with those you find desirable. You can also add fresh red clover to baths or washes for this purpose. I like clover for beauty magic because, in the words of a popular meme, “I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening”, and that’s exactly the kind of beauty you get with clover because of its association with the faerie realm.


The green leaves of the clover bring luck and riches, especially if it has 4 leaves, while the sweet little blossoms (I was a kid who destroyed and ate clovers all day, can you tell?) help you feel gratitude for the other areas of your life where you are abundant – like love and friendship. Work with both to both encourage money to come in in unexpected ways and to help you realize what you already have. Consider this old nursery rhyme a perfect spell to sing when you find your four leaf clover today:

One leaf for fame, one leaf for wealth,
One for a faithful lover,
And one leaf to bring glorious health,
Are all in a four-leaf clover


Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
Faerie Magick for Beltane
Weeds for Witches: Clover by Sarah Anne Lawless
The Magic of Flowers by Tess Whitehurst

Preseli Bluestone

Chakra: Soma Chakra, along the hairline above the third eye
Uses: Connecting with past lives and ancestors, connecting to Merlin, mental and emotional clarity, grounding and forming a strong bond with the earth, willpower

let’s leap across the channel for a hot minute over to ancient Britain – another home to ancient celts… and faeries. A popular myth perpetuated by both Christians and Pagans is that the legends of St Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland are actually a reference to a bloodthirsty pagan holocaust, with the snakes being the ancient Druids. There’s no truth to this at all, as you can read in this EXCELLENT recent article in The Wild Hunt. That doesn’t mean you can’t work an homage to the ancient druids into your St Patty’s day plans, though! In general, I find Druidry a very interesting pagan path and always recommend hanging with druids because they’re super chill and love the forest. I respect that.  That’s why I chose Preseli Bluestone for today!


Preseli Bluestone is the material that was used to build the ancient monoliths at Stonehenge, in England. It’s definitely special and has serious significance – since the ancient people who built the stone circle carved out and dragged the giant boulders over 150 miles from the Preseli mountains of Wales to their current location. It’s got a strong, magickal tie to the earth and can be used for serious grounding and healing. This is one stone I recommend for people who are having a hard time ~feeling their crystals – this one has serious magick coming off of it.

You can use Preseli bluestone to connect with your own ancient Celtic ancestors if you have them, or to create a kinship for the day. In general, it’s natural magick will help you connect with your Akashic records or past lives, and experience other planes and magickal worlds more easily, while also tethering you to the earth so you can come back.

Some legends claim that the ancient peoples who moved these giant boulders had help from a very mystical source – the magician Merlin! That makes PB an excellent choice if you’re looking to connect to ancient energies of Avalon, the Arthurian legends, the faerie realm (as Merlin was at least half-faerie let’s be real) and of the healing waters of Glastonbury. If the stones were moved by humans, it took incredible willpower and belief to move them as far as they did. If Merlin stepped in and helped, it’s because the stones served some intensely magickal purpose in the spot they eventually called their home. Either way, you have very strong energy to tap into. That makes it a wonderful stone for meditation and magick in general.

One of my favourites uses for my Preseli Bluestone is to include it in magickal and healing baths. I don’t put it right in my bath water, but I allow water to run over it as I cleanse the stone and ask for blessings, and I pour that runoff water into my own bath.


Preseli Bluestone on Healing Crystals for You
Preseli Bluestone: The Stonehenge Stone and Crystal Skulls by Judy Hall
The Myths, Legends and Controversy Behind Ancient Preseli Bluestone from The Gemological Association of Great Britain ( I highly recommend this one!)

A few other sketchy herbs and Magic rocks to help you magick up your St Patrick’s Day are Pyrite or Fool’s Gold, Faerie Quartz, and Merlinite; Acorns for luck and protection, Hops for psychic dreams or to honour the gods of the brew, and barley to help you find a fine Irish lass for (consensual!) kissin’.



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