Sit for a Spell: New Moon Water with Shungite

The new moon is a time of renewal and new beginnings and personal growth. New Moon Water can be used to bless a new project or venture or to lend its power to your magical workings. I like to keep a regular supply of both full and new moon water, and this particular one also includes Shungite, for purification and ancient magick.

Shungite is a rare stone over 2 billion years old, and it’s really only mined in one place in Russia. Shungite existed on this planet before the formation of organic life forms and is kind of peculiar. Most scientists have no idea how it formed or where it came from (yes, some have suggested it’s from outer space!), and why it has the chemical makeup it does. Shungite contains a high carbon content and is one of the only natural sources of an anti-oxidant called fullerenes. These fullerenes make it an amazing natural water purifier and are said to contribute to overall health and wellness.

Shungite, being so ancient, has a strong connection to earth energy and our earth star chakra – the one that keeps up connected to the earth. Since this new moon is in the earthy sign of Taurus, this water can help you feel grounded and connected with the ancient heartbeat of the earth.


To make your new moon water, fill a mason jar with water from a natural source – either by collecting rain or from a river or lake or spring and place your shungite right in with the water*. Sit outside with your jar of water and place your hand in the water or on the outside of the jar and meditate on it. Tell your water what it is you’d like it, and ask it for aid on your new journey. You could also do your own grounding meditation or ritual while holding the jar. Imagine that root or beam of light or whatever that connects you to the earth flowing through the water as well. Leave your water outside overnight, and bring it in in the morning before the sunlight hits it. You can leave the water as is, but you may want to add a preservative like brandy or vodka if you plan to drink it.

Use your water to consecrate objects, bless your new journey or project, brew it in a tea, use in your bath water or laundry before beginning something new, or simply drink it to absorb its energy. In moments of stress, it can help you feel calm and grounded. In times of magick, it can open up a powerful connection to the earth and all of the wonderful mysteries of its creation.


*In general, any time you’re putting a stone directly into water you want to clean it thoroughly and make sure it’s of good quality. You can, of course, find shungite piece and chips specifically for water purification, and you can also find tumbled shungite at metaphysical stores. Check this link for info about putting shungite in water, and if in doubt you could put your jar in the middle of a sort of crystal grid to charge it instead.


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