Book Review of Shadows: Chakras Plain & Simple by Sasha Fenton


32665574This accessible and user-friendly book introduces the seven major chakras those spinning vortexes of energy throughout the body and presents ways of healing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems that arise when the chakras are blocked, misaligned, or too open. It also describes how the chakras affect people, provides simple healing techniques, an explanation of the relationship between colour and mood, tips for using gemstones to cleanse and energize, and advice for practicing aromatherapy and other complementary systems to channel energy within the body. A brief history of the chakras, a discussion of the relationship between the chakras and astrology, and an exploration of the chakras and kundalini are also included.

This is a book for anyone interested in alternative medicine and for everyone interested in leading healthier, more energetic, and happier lives. –

It’s not just a clever title! This book is so easy to digest and understand!

This book is part of Weiser Books’ Plain & Simple series, which consists of multiple little books like this, written by different experts, offering the basic overview of popular magickal and metaphysical topics. I’ve liked all of the ones I’ve read, but this one is my favourite so far.

You’ve probably heard the word “chakra” a million times. Maybe you know what they are… or kind of maybe know what they are? Maybe? This book gives you everything you need to know about what chakras are, what the chakras mean (and how many there are!) and what to actually do with your chakras once you’ve figured them out. It also explains things like meditation; Kundalini energy; crystals, plants, and food that resonate with each chakra; and how to tell if one of your chakras is not working properly or has a blockage.


Fire and Ice Quartz helps clear and balance all of your chakras


Each of the main 7 chakras has it’s own chapter and begins with a whole little chart of correspondences and info about that chakra – like it’s Vedic name, associated mantras, planetary and zodiac correspondences and really every little thing you need to know to understand that chakra. It describes the function of each chakra through personality traits in people, starting with a strong and balanced chakra, then moving into if someone’s chakra is closed up or maybe a little too open. For example, someone with a strong throat chakra takes responsibility for their own actions and easily advocate for their needs without forgetting to listen to others. Someone with “too much throat chakra” on the other hand throws out their opinions (no matter how icky they are) without regard for others, and rarely listen to anyone else’s point of view. When the throat chakra is weak it results in a person who doesn’t have the courage to speak up for themselves and communicates like a jerk with a hefty helping of passive aggression.

This book won’t make you an expert on chakras by any means, but honestly, if all you want to know is how to get started this is the best book I’ve found so far. It’s clear and easy to read, it includes some other lingo and concepts related to chakras, gives you affirmations and visualizations for each individual chakra, and makes it easy to work the chakra system into whatever witchcraft or meditative practice you already have. I highly recommend it.



Tune in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast on May 23rd to hear my review of the book, and a while little beginner guide to chakras and their use in witchcraft.



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