Sit for a Spell! Charge Your Meds

Hotei, also known as Laughing Buddha is a Buddhist deity of happiness and luck

Today I started a new dosage of anti-depressant medication. It’s been hard finding a pill and dosage that are right for me, and it’s caused me a lot of stress. So I decided this time to give my new prescription a little boost of magick.

Charging is a really common magickal process, so if you’re familiar with spell work like this you might find the explanations long-winded – WHICH IS WHY I TOOK PICTURES. Enjoy the heck out of them! For those who are new to spell work, I’ll show you how I created my spell, and give you ideas to adapt it to your own needs and the supplies you have access to.

Charging 101

Charging an item is kind of exactly what it sounds like, you’re using an outside energy source to transfer energy to or power up an item. You can use the energy of the sun or moon to charge an object, for example. You can also charge an item yourself with your own energy and intention, which is what I wanted to do here.

If you want to charge an item using your own energy and work a specific intention into it you simply need to raise your energy, hold the item in your hands, and feel or visualize yourself infusing that item with your energy. Some people like to pictures white light coming from their hands and surrounding the item. Some like to picture fire or water instead. As I mentioned, you can also use an outside source like the sun or the moon. In which case you’d bring the item out under it and implore the heavenly body to help out. If you work with any deities or saints, you can also ask for their help. I chose to use sound! I have a beautiful witchy bell with a sound I love so I’m using those sound waves to carry my intention to my item.

One of the best things about charging an item is that you really don’t need anything except that item and yourself, or your chosen energy source. That makes it a great technique to work into any kind of spell you want to do. So I used stuff to enhance and focus the energy of my spell, but you don’t need any of the stuff I used here if you don’t have it. Let’s make some magick!

My new prescription, pink salt, witch hazel, lavender, and Santa Muerte

My Spell

Tools and items:

  • My new prescription, and some cannabis
  • Salt
  • Herbs for healing and happiness – I chose witch hazel and lavender
  • Crystals for healing and happiness – I chose Infinite Stone, Lepidolite, Citrine, Aquamarine, Snowflake Obsidian, Garnet, Pink Tourmaline, and Amethyst
  • A small piece of paper
  • a green pen (green is for healing)
  • A Santa Muerte Candle to aid in hardship and desperate causes (from Charme et Sortilege!)
  • Bell
  • Old meds
  • Small figure of Hotei

Remember! Those are all optional! I chose crystals and herbs that are specifically for healing and aiding with depression. You might need something different. If your medication isn’t in a pill bottle that’s ok too! I included cannabis in my spell since I use it so often for help with symptoms.

To start, I wanted to really focus my intention and so I decided to write a petition paper that I could keep with the pills themselves. I also said a quick prayer to Santa Muerte for help, as I am definitely desperate for this to work.

Nothing fancy! Just some basic statements to remind the meds, and me, that we’re working together to raise ME up. I recited the affirmations of my petition paper until I felt like I’d raised good energy and like the message was very clear. Then I folded the paper towards myself 3 times and put it in the pill bottle. (If you want a great guide about using petition papers and the folding check out this vid from Madame Pamita!)

Speaking of Madame Pamita, I defs was up past 2 am watching a bunch of her spell videos so if this spell looks like one of hers it’s because she’s my MUSE. I started with a circle of pink salt to help keep super negative thinking at bay, then added witch hazel for healing by magick. Witch hazel is usually used for physical healing and I love it as a facial toner. I always associate it with feeling like you’re glowing, and that’s the feeling I want from the medication. Finally, some lavender I got at a lavender fest in Michigan. Lavender is calming and clarifying, and this lavender, in particular, reminds me of how much I enjoy getting out and being social when I have control of my depression and anxiety.

Next, I surrounded the bottle with crystals and as I placed each one I told the pills what the crystals do and how they can help.

Infinite Stone is also called HEALER’S STONE and I love the look and shape of my piece. I carry it a lot. It’s especially good for helping with physical chronic pain and inflammation in the joints, which can happen with depression, but mostly it’s just got a really strong healing energy. Lepidolite is not only good for sleep, but it actually contains Lithium, the mineral from which the most popular anti-depressant in history is made. I keep this flat piece next to my bed, so I also included a tumbled stone that I can carry with me if I like. Citrine is pure sunshine! Luck, happiness, joy, levity, laughter, all of it. Aquamarine and Snowflake obsidian are crystals that I almost always use together for their help in riding out stormy seas. Garnet helps ground you and increases your survival instinct and will to live. Pink Tourmaline helps heal pain from abuse and is especially potent for trauma relating to sex or reproduction. Finally, amethyst is a calming stone, universally healing, and opens your crown and third eye chakras.

If all you have is clear quartz that’s totally ok, clear quartz is the MASTER HEALER, and can harness and direct any energy.

I noticed I have 3 individual pills left from my previous prescription so I also placed them in like, an arrow going away from the spell. I took a page from Marie Kondo and thanked them for the progress we’ve made together, but that they’re no longer needed. (I’ll be surrendering them to the pharmacy later.)

Finally, I brought in a symbol that fills me with such JOY and HAPPINESS that every time I look at it it makes me smile no matter what – HOTEI.

I’m honestly pretty obsessed with this picture

Hotei is also known as the laughing Buddha or fat Buddha, but he’s not actually THE Buddha. He’s more of a saint or folk deity from Zen Buddhism, who may or may not have been a real person in the 10th century. Hotei is my boy. I love him. His fat happiness is the ultimate icon for me. His fatness made him more loveable, more revered, and more fortunate. In magick, Hotei represents happiness, joy, humour, and good luck. He also loves children and tends to soothe the inner child. He sits next to my bed on top of the flat piece of lepidolite pictured and I wake up to his smile every day.

Now it’s time to charge the pills themselves, and I decided to use my bell. Sidebar, Kiernan Shipka used this exact bell in the first episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I SCREAMED.

While holding the bell above my lil spell I spoke some of my intentions very clearly and rang the bell after each one. You could really feel the sound bounce around the room after each ring. I don’t know if it comes through in the video but this felt so powerful to me.

Then I sorted my new little friends into their weekly bungalows and will be leaving my spell out for a little while.

If you don’t want to, or don’t have space to, leave yours out you can also create a witch bottle using the spell ingredients that you can tuck away or carry with you.

Grab an empty pill bottle (scratch off any previous medication names if different) and fill it with your herbs and crystals. You can add some extra stuff as well, like I did with the salt, add one of your pills, and even transfer the petition paper into here versus the full pill bottle. You can keep it in your medicine cabinet, or carry it with you to remind you that your meds are working.

Ta-da! Now I feel confident that I will get the most I can out of this prescription, and that I have magick on my side if shit goes south. (you never know!)

I hope it goes without saying but just in case:

THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR MEDICAL CARE OR TAKING YOUR MEDS! You still have to remember to take them and keep in contact with your doctor about any changes or wacky side effects. Be safe, witches. πŸ–€

This is a real spell I performed this morning, but it’s also kind of a template or example. You can do this with any kind of medication, or anything you’re using for healing. If you have a chronic condition you can do this will your meds when you refill prescriptions. If you don’t use medication but are entering a treatment program or going to an RMT or whatever, you can put a flyer or business card for that place into the center of your spell instead. If part of your problem is that you can’t afford your medication, work that into your spell. Include crystals or herbs that attract money, and write something like “I can always afford my medication” or “Financial help will always come through when I need meds”. Of course, this isn’t just for chronic pain or illness, if you’re taking antibiotics for bronchitis you can do this with them. Use mullein as an herb, stones associated with air, and maybe some tea you can use to soothe yourself. The possibilities are endless!

I hope this helps y’all who are struggling with health or wellness, and who rely on medication to keep themselves in top form. I honestly feel more confident in my prescription already, and since doing this spell JUST THIS MORNING I’ve made a couple breakthroughs and phone calls that have eased a lot of the tension that was contributing to my depression. Remember, magic may not be a miracle pill, but it can help you push any goal forward and heal so many of the spiritual woes of this human existence, which often get over-looked.

p.s. I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on The Cannabis Act Podcast this week! Nic, Jon, and I discuss podcasting, cannabis, and being a creative entrepreneur!
We also discuss mental health and medication, and how both the cannabis and spiritual industries can be unfriendly about western medicine, and even shame people out of it! So keep an eye out for that upcoming episode, and check them out here, and give them a follow on twitter!

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4 thoughts on “Sit for a Spell! Charge Your Meds

  1. I LOVE this! I only recently discovered your podcast, but I am devouring it and your site, and I’ve preordered your book. Tonight I intend to charge my anxiety medication, and I will talk to my husband about charging his bipolar meds. So powerful. Thank you, Paige. ❀


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