Dream Magic + Cannawitches

Since I began practicing witchcraft, dream magick has always seemed like the height of divinatory practice. The first spell I ever cast was to help me communicate with others through dreams, and since then I’ve been able to count on psychic dreams to give me a heads up when things are about to go sideways (If only I ever listened….). Unfortunately, since beginning to use cannabis regularly, my river of dreams has damn-near dried right up. As it turns out, this sketchy herb that opens my third eye when I’m awake, keeps all of that locked up while I’m sleeping. When I found out that’s what was going on, I was honestly heart-broken. I’m not going to stop using cannabis because it has so many benefits for me, but I miss dreaming. I miss being able to wake up and ruminate about my dreams for a while before getting out of bed. (I especially miss funny sexy dreams!)

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Dreaming isn’t a specifically magickal or physical activity, it hovers somewhere in-between. There are things you can do with your physical body to increase or decrease dream recall and vivedness, and there are magical and spiritual ways to accomplish similar goals. I’m looking for ways to use magic and spirituality to unlock the dreams of those of us who – for whatever reason – are having trouble connecting. I would love it if those of you who use cannabis and pay attention to dreams (or want to!) would offer some feedback! I have so many questions about this topic, and so far it’s not something I’m seeing a lot of places. I’ve found tons of articles about why cannabis affects dreams and recall, but none about what to do about it!

I’ve got two surveys going right now about how witches use cannabis and other herbs, and how it affects their dreams and psychic work. None of the questions are mandatory, and you don’t need to provide contact info if you don’t want.

dream magick + cannawitches part 1
Dream Magick + Cannawitches Part 2

I’ll be using/presenting the info I find through the surveys, as well as sharing some of my recent experiments with magickal dream work in an upcoming episode of the podcast – and in general this is something I’ll be pursuing for a while to help me work on my own practice.


Also, if you’re a witch who does regular dream work, whether you use cannabis or not, and would like to recommend some great sources like books, videos, podcasts, blogs, or courses (they can be your own!) please feel free to stick them in the comments on this post.

Thanks to everyone who’s already responded to the survey, the results have been really interesting so far! I’m so excited to share everything I learn about this topic with y’all!

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  1. i’m a really young baby witch, to the point where I don’t even know how to study properly, and this really helped me. I had no idea dream magic was a thing, and am currently delving more into the subject.i only have like 25 subjects left, as I want to learn EVERYTHING! I even learned a new podcast!


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