#SeekersCorner Wrap Up – May 3rd, 2019


Thanks to everyone who watched and participated in today’s episode of Seeker’s Corner! We talked so much longer than I planned, and I’m so glad you all liked the topic I chose! In case you missed it, this week we talked about BODY MAGIC! We touched on things like Reiki and energy healing, yoga, magical tattoos, the chakras and how they interact with our physical body, and some really interesting and witchy body products from Herbivore Botanicals.

If you missed the episode, you can still watch it on my facebook page for free!

Some of the questions answered in this episode:

  • What is Reiki? Have you ever had a treatment?
  • Do the chakras have any noticeable physical effects? Is there anything physical I can feel if one of my chakras is blocked?
  • I’ve read that our rising signs represent our body and aesthetic – is this true? Do you have any ideas on how to best accentuate my Libra rising sign? (Also what’s your rising sign!)
  • I’ve seen a lot of witches online recently with symbols like spirals and moons tattooed on their fingers, what do they mean? Why would you tattoo magical symbols onto your fingers? (I assume The Hoodwitch is the inspiration behind this questions in which case check out this, and this.
The Fat Feminist Witch on instagram

Books used to research today’s topic:

Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure by Vanessa Cuccia

witchbody by Sabrina Scott

Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle

Constant Craving by Doreen Virtue

The Good Energy Book by Tess Whitehurst

Reiki Plain & Simple by Philip Jones

Mudras by Gertrud Hirschi

Herbivore Botanicals reached out to me about 2 months ago now to ask if I’d like to try their new Emerald CBD facial oil and answer some questions about cannabis and witchcraft and afterward they were kind enough to let me shop around the site a bit. I chose products that I could imagine using in my magic and ritual, and/or that had some magical ingredients already in them and haven’t been disappointed.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the uses/correspondences I gave for each of the products shown:

  • Amethyst Body Polish – the coolest feature here is that crushed amethyst is one of the ingredients in this scrub! You can literally scrub bad vibes away with amethyst and I dig it. It features Jasmine essential oil and the smell is just incredible. It’s been great for before bed/dream magic and magical cleansing.
  • Emerald CBD facial oil – I talked a lot about this one in my recent podcast episode Dream Magic + CannaWitches. It’s made with real hemp and cannabis oils and is great for third eye stimulation. It’s association with emerald also makes it great for your heart chakra – cleansing, opening, whatever – and manifesting success. I’ve been pairing it with my green obsidian to promote self-reliance, healing, and self-care. I’ll literally rub a drop right in the middle of my chest if I want to open up my heart.
  • Sea Mist + Lavender – This is a sea salt texturizing hair spray (it works and is awesome) and has been doubling as a spiritual cleansing spray since I got it! Salt and lavender are both great for clearing the aura and refreshing your energy, and lavender is very calming and stimulates your third eye and crown chakras.
  • Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask – Pineapple has a really sunny, fiery energy that attracts good luck, and helps raise self esteem. It resonates so well with the solar plexus chakra, which I also pair with citrine for this purpose. The white tourmaline helps clear and purify your energy too.
  • Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil – this oil doesn’t have any rose quartz in it, but it’s definitely captured the right vibe! It smells like you’re standing in a rose garden and leaves you just a lil’ sparkly. This is a great heart chakra oil and I pair it with an actual rose quartz in a massage ritual to stimulate the heart from Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure.
  • Moon Fruit Night Treatment – LISTEN OK the number 1 reason I wanted this is that it’s called MOON FRUIT. I love it. I also really loved the colour online (and in person!) because it reminds me of Angelite – which is an odd powder blue colour that I just love. I pair it with the crystal to help open my throat and third eye chakras before bed, and will also rub it behind and around my ears to tap into Angelite’s clairaudient amplification powers.

Click on any of the captions on the pictures below to go to the herbivore website where you can learn more about them, or buy some for your self!

This is the playlist you might hear in the background of today’s episode.


Have Magic, Will Travel!

In this episode I’m talking TRAVEL MAGIC! Have questions about spells for safe travel, magical places to visit, money magic specifically for your travel fund, collecting magical items on your travels, or anything else? Send them to [email protected] or use the form below! I’ll contact you if your question will be on the show so you can tune in live on Friday May 24th at 12pm EST!

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