Episode 46 – R.I.P. Jimmy Hoppa


This episode is in memory of Jimmy Hoppa, my lovely rabbit friend who passed away last month. Today, may 9th 2019, would have been his 9th birthday. 9s symbolize completion and endings, but also moving on to bigger and better things. If he’s still got lives to live, I hope they’re beautiful. 

I had originally planned a whole episode about practical magic to do with rabbits or with rabbit energy, but I ended up realizing that’s not really what I need. I need to just talk about Jimmy, and how much I loved him and our time together. 

So that’s what this episode is like. It’s not scripted, it’s personal, I cry out loud a few times, and I didn’t edit anything out or advertise anything. 

If you are interested in working magic with your rabbit, or with rabbit energy, I have a really cute episode of Seeker’s Corner which actually features Jimmy himself! He’s so cute and he bites me and it’s hilarious! You can watch it on my facebook page or YouTube channel. 

Baby Jimmy!Baby jimmy!


Our last photo together 😦



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4 thoughts on “Episode 46 – R.I.P. Jimmy Hoppa

  1. I’m so sorry about your bunny. Thank you for sharing. If you ever feel up to putting together that rabbit energy post, I know I’d be interested (although it’s totally understandable if you never do).


  2. I just finished listening to the podcast. Paige, I am so sorry for your loss. As a fellow animal lover with a close companion, I am crying with you. Thank you for sharing. Sending you warmth.


  3. Listening to this podcast made me tear up more than once. Paige, I’m so sorry for your loss. Last year, my parents lost their dog and I was away at college when it happened so I never really got a chance to say goodbye. Hearing your story has inspired me to do a small farewell ritual to finally let go. Sending you warm thoughts.


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