June Patreon Exclusives Preview

Hello witches, seekers, and friends!

This podcast wouldn’t be possible at all without the support of the Witch n’ Bitch – my private monthly membership group through Patreon. Not only does this offer financial support (SO GRATEFUL), but also energetic and spiritual support! The topics we talk about in the group, and the thoughtful questions and input from the members, influence so much of what I learn, practice, and then share in my episodes.

The group works in 2-month cycles – so for two months we look at tarot cards and pick a witchy book to help influence the topics and discussions – and then we dive in. This cycle (may-june) we’re reading Sigil Witchery by Laura Tempest Zakroff and talking about authenticity and self expression and it’s honestly one of my favourite topics so far (after the astrology cycle!!) and our discussions have been absolutely fantastic and I’m aching to share haha.

The video below is a full meet-up in the group where we discuss the Throat Chakra and it’s influence on how we express ourselves physically and spiritually, and how to know if there’s a problem. Check it out!

Now what you don’t get to see here is all of the awesome comments and discussions happening with the members of the group that I’m reacting to – but if you join the group you can still catch every live meet-up we’ve had over the years, including the comments! We’ve done meditations, made witchy things like pillows and incense, joked about gross bodily functions, made a lot of cheesy witch jokes, and shared real psychic and magical experiences. Honestly nothing beats having a group of really great witches to go to with questions and stories and things.

So take a look! Learn how to balance your throat chakra, and ensure all your self-expression is authentic to who you are, and if you can head over to Patreon and join the group for $10 a month.

become a patron

Not only would I be thrilled to have you, but you’ll have more input on future podcast episodes and topics, and get downloadable show notes for all of my solo podcast episodes including links and pictures and little extras.

Special thanks to all of my patrons who make it possible to do my dream job and recruit tons of badass folx into my witch cult…. I mean…. group of like-minded spiritual friends. <_< >_>

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