Episode 48 – [email protected]*k Witches, Get Money!


Hello again witches, seekers, and friends, and thanks for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast episode 48 – Fuck Witches, Get Money! – alternatively titled WITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY. It was hard to choose between the two. Today we’re talking about money – not necessarily how to attract money with spells, but about applying a monetary value to psychic and spiritual services.

Yes I definitely did talk about John Oliver and this issue on my blog before, you can read that here.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 48 – [email protected]*k Witches, Get Money!

  1. Oh my god this John Oliver episode!! I missed your original show on it unfortunately but I do remember seeing the John Oliver one when it came out and was like 🥴 If I had heard your show at the time I would have felt a lot better!

    I like John Oliver a lot and agree with a lot of his viewpoints, but not all of them. John Oliver is like anyone else with prejudices and blind spots. Magic is clearly one of his. (Yes, I’m using magic with a “c” because “magick” makes me feel squicky— why should real magic have to take on a fake letter to appear legit? Screw that. I think it should be the other way around.)

    Anyway, back to John Oliver. He is a hyper-rationalist speaking to an audience largely composed of hyper-rationalist, “science” worshipers (who are unaware of the irony of their faith). And I think the audience is mostly young white men (not 100% sure on that though). So I wasn’t surprised when he completely dismissed the realm of psychics— he’s so overly identified with the intellectual/“rational” that he may have never even experienced anything psychic, or certainly wouldn’t call it that if he had. What bothered me most was his smug, patronizing tone and his surety that his audience would agree with him that “psychics aren’t real hardeeharhar duh, you imbeciles”. As anyone who embraces magic is already painfully aware of, it’s HARD to embrace magic in this culture. Embracing magic brings tons of shame, guilt, fear, self-doubt, can bring isolation, etc etc. And shit like what John Oliver did doesn’t make it any easier. It’s just more of the same “you’re crazy, what’s wrong with you, why don’t you do something useful”. I don’t think he has any clue what magic actually is. He clearly thinks it IS actually parlor tricks/stage magic, which is very sad.

    I would have been shocked, though, to get anything different from him. Maybe some day he’ll have an experience that takes him out of his ego/mind-trap long enough to at least introduce some doubt in his worldview. He’s supposedly so incisive, he should try turning that incisiveness on his own dearly held unquestioned belief in “rationality”.


  2. Thank you for this episode! I am always telling creatives they need to value themselves more. I also under-sell my reading business (I don’t call it “psychic” because I feel like that doesn’t quite fit what I do.) because I’m desperately trying to reach more people and it’s not my main business, but you’re definitely making me reconsider that. I should value it the way I do my other business stuff. The struggle is figuring out how to get people to take that chance at a higher cost. But I’m definitely inspired to try to figure that out in ways other than under-valuing my work. Especially because it’s exhausting! I don’t feel up to reading more than once a day. It’s hard to get other shit done after!

    One point to add on to the John Oliver thing (which I didn’t see, but this point feels like part of that discussion) is that a lot of people say things like “you know it’s a scam if they ask for money” and that’s so fucking evil? It’s work! Work deserves money or at least barter! Not only all the points you brought up but like, I think people have the idea psychics shouldn’t get paid because they *think* other spiritual advisors don’t get paid. And that is absolutely false; they just don’t get directly paid. When you go to a protestant church, you put money on the donation plate (tithe is supposed to be 10% of income and some people stick to that, but a lot of people find that high these days esp if their income isn’t living wage in the first place, so its usually “whatever you can” and hey, some people give nothing, and that’s cool because the community is paying your share). That donation plate goes to a higher office in the organization, and then *they* pay the pastor’s wage. So people are living under the illusion often that this plate is just for like charity and building maintenance, but it is paying the pastor and the pastor’s superiors. It is paying for them to live in houses and eat food. And to the best of my knowledge, it’s the same in other big mainstream religions. Church has a whole business side of things that’s kept hidden, and it makes things feel free when they aren’t, and so everyone thinks all spiritual services should be free.


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