Seeker’s Corner Wrap-Up – Burn baby, burn!

You can watch the episode here, or always catch the replay on my facebook page.

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in to today’s live episode of Seeker’s Corner all about candle magic! I answered questions about types of candles, tools to cast candle spells, oils and herbs, how to read candle wax and smoke, and disposing of candle remnants. I also showed off the Witch Next Door subscription box that was all candle magic themed!

Today’s questions were sent in by Sam, Beth, Tasheena, and Lucas and were fantastic! Thanks so much you guys!

I showed off a lot of stuff, and mentioned a lot of sources for more information during the show. I’ve tried to make sure I get them all here so you guys can find them and learn more. Let’s start with books!

My absolute favourite candle magic book of all time is Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith which I’ve reviewed here on the blog before. I like hoodoo and conjure style candle spells, myself, and so Sticks, Stones, Roots, and Bones by Stephanie Rose Bird is another great source. She also has recipes for some of the oils mentioned today and takes care to teach you on the history of where that style of magic comes from.

Then we have some of the tools that I use in my spells.

I use a few different brands of oils in my magic, but the ones I use the most all come from Beaux Magique, a canadian company run by Reverend Terrie, who is just wonderful. The oils are real hoodoo shit and boy do they WORK. They all have bits of real herbs or magnets or roots or whatever and smell amazing. I also like the oil blends made by Coventry Creations, and of course their pre-made spell candles are divine.

The chime candles you saw came in this package from Amazon.

Then we have the WITCH NEXT DOOR BOX! This box features items made by various independant witches, including the owner of the box company. This one from june was all about candle magic!

The box included 2 hand-dipped candles, 2 tea-sized spell candles, a ceramic holder for the tapers, and then this awesome set of crystal pins and embroidered pin cushion. I think the most exciting thing in the box is actually the really nice info pages they send you. It explains how to use the things in the box, but are also really nice and decorative. I’m thinking of framing a few for my working space! If anyone was watching today hoping to get started anew with candles and don’t knwo where to start – head to and see if this box is still available because it’s got everything you need to get started.

Thank you so much to the company’s owner Elizabeth for reaching out and offering me the box! I am so excited to find more fun ways to use these pins!

Another favourite source of info on candle magic comes from a few Hoodoo Practitioners on YouTube – most especially Madame Pamita. Her Hoodoo how-to videos that show you how to conduct a kick-ass candle spell featuring really neat figure candles are genuinely riveting. Like I just binge watch them and every spell of hers I’ve tried has worked. I also love Hoodoo Delish and Mystic at the Crossroads.

Finally (finally!) if you’re interested in listening to the sort-of cheesy firey playlist I created for today’s episode you can find it on Spotify! You can listen below or use this link to find it later –>

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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