Welcome to #FatWitchFall!

The nights are getting cooler, the tunes folksier, and there’s a hint of pumpkin spice in the air. It’s not actually fall yet, but tbh I ain’t got time for that kind of negativity in my life. Hot girl summer is winding down– I’ve got my old college t-shirt on with my flannel pj pants and I’m counting down the days until I hear that school bell again so I know I get my quiet damn afternoons back. I’m leaning right into it, y’all.


In the Witch n’ Bitch this month we’re starting Honoring your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise, and will spend the next two months learning about ancestor veneration, mediumship, and divination. Mallorie has also agreed to be a guest on my next episode of the podcast – airing on September 5th!

Check out the event page

And sure, making a magical afternoon coffee with whipped cream and fresh ground nutmeg is a good start to getting into the fall mood, but it’s not fall until I break out a weird ass fall playlist that gets suspiciously spookier the closer we get to halloween.

What’s that? You don’t have a damn near cliche witchy playlist with too much fleetwood mac, at least a dozen songs about ghosts, songs from every single piece of witch media ever released plus at least 1 Lizzo song because duh? Lucky for you, I MADE ENOUGH TO SHARE. You can search Fat Witch Fall on Spotify, or go to bit.ly/fatwitchfall to listen. Every friday throughout #FatWitchFall (Sept-Oct) I’ll add a few songs to help take you deeper into autumn until the playlist gets HELLA SPOOKY on October 31st!

Feel free to use the hashtag to show off how witchy your fall already is before it’s even began— or to suggest songs! Are you a witchy musician who’d like your witchy or autumn tunes added to the playlist? Hit me up at [email protected]!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to #FatWitchFall!

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve really been enjoying your podcast ever since I first got into witchcraft. Thank you for what you do for the community/us! I think I’ll listen to some of your podcast while I do some housekeeping today. Cheers!

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  2. Hi – I am fairly new to Wicca and the witchcraft community and have spent hours scouring the internet for podcasts and blogs from like-minded individuals. Initially, I was very excited to find your podcast. However, I am writing to let you know that I am unsubscribing. I get it that you don’t like kids–you mentioned it several times in your podcast – and even reference your dislike above in your blog. I get it that our society places inappropriate pressures on women when it comes to children. And I wholly support women that chose not to have children, and recognize that discussions about societal pressures on women is an important conversation to have. But geez, enough already. There are plenty of interesting things talk about in the world of witchcraft and paganism without constantly bashing children and making innuendos about how annoying they are. The negativity you express on this topic is just depressing. I respectfully ask you to take five minutes and ask yourself if you would want to read a blog/listen to a podcast, where there was a regular undercurrent of negativity about someone’s dislike for cats or dislike for people’s obsession with cats; or a dislike for the behaviors of members of the LBGTIQ community; or a dislike for certain aspects of another group’s culture.

    There are a lot of different types of witches out there (which I *thought* was the basis for your podcast/blog). We all come in different shapes and sizes. We are of different cultures. We enjoy life and share love and affection in many different ways. Many of us are deeply and proudly feminist and have been so for probably since before you were born. Unfortunately, I am disappointed in what I see as a level of hypocrisy in your podcast. Please consider that negativity breeds negativity – regardless of the topic.


    1. Hi! I’m confused as I don’t see any mention of kids in this post.

      I’m sorry I came across as hating children (especially since I don’t hate kids I really do hate the expectations places on me to be “maternal” in the presence of any children.) and that it’s made you feel uncomfortable in my space.

      Again, though, there’s no mention of children here so I’m pretty confused.


  3. Hi – I want you to know I respect who you are and the path that you are on. I periodically checked back to your blog to see if you had replied to my earlier comment, not with the intent to troll, but out of interest for your thoughts.

    I believe you made a strong implied statement above that you find children bothersome, loud, and annoying when you said: “I’m counting down the days until I hear that school bell again so I know I get my quiet damn afternoons back.” But, this wasn’t the only time – as I’ve also heard other much more strongly worded references and implied innuendos in the podcasts. For me, it was just kinda the lightbulb moment, when I realized that your dislike of the societal pressure comes across as a distinct dislike for children. At least that is the way that I have heard and read things in your podcast and blog.

    I don’t want to come across as a troll – because truly I am not. I am on a journey, just like many of the women that embrace paganism and wicce. And, I truly believe that everything on this earth – from the trees and rocks – to all types of humans, including adults and *children* – are gifts of mother earth to be respected and cherished. That does not mean every woman needs to birth a child or care for a child, any more than every human needs own a cat and care for a cat, totally adopt and assume a different culture, or plant and care for a garden. But (for me at least), it does mean that we need to strive every day to be a better person and respect the gifts from Mother Earth–in all their forms.

    If this comes across as lecturing, I apologize, as it wasn’t intended. Just thought I’d share my thoughts. If you wish to reach out privately (I understand this is your blog and you may not want a long debate in the comments section), you are welcome to do so.

    Blessed be,


  4. Hi Mary, I will not be contacting you to discuss this further, this will be my final word on this topic.

    Modern witchcraft is SO obsessed with motherhood and reproduction that I genuinely felt I was not able to be a witch because I never wanted children. I had to build my own tiny corner in the world of witchcraft where my uterus wouldn’t be anyone else’s fucking business. I get emails every week from other childfree people telling me the same.

    I don’t hate kids or moms, but if you want content for kids and moms you’re not going to find it here. There are plenty of blogs and podcasts full of mom, child, and family-centered witchcraft for you if that’s what you need.

    If you want to actually learn more about my views on the topic you can see my podcast episode all about midwives and my former job as a doula, or my interview with Lasara Firefox Allen about new ways to practice that focus less on motherhood and judging other women.


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