Tarotscopes πŸ’« January 2020

Happy Birthday to our January Capricorns and Aquarians!

Do you use your tarot and oracle cards to help you approach your day, plan your year, or give you a heads up about certain events? I DO! Every month, along with reading my monthly horoscope, I draw a card to let me know the overall vibe I’ll be working with. Challenges I might face, where to draw inspiration, and good news to look forward to are all represented in the cards and stars.

Want to know what they’ve got in store for you? Scroll down to your sun sign and check out your message from the Housewives Tarot and the Deck of Character!

Aries β™ˆ March 21 – April 19

4 of Wands

You’re starting the year off with celebration, recognition for your hard work, and having the time to enjoy a little stability Aries! You should really take advantage of it because it probably won’t last and you characteristic firey nature will have you conquering new challenges in no time.

Hot Springs

Seriously. Chill out. Relax. Have a bath and let the energy of the new year refresh your body, mind and spirit.

ARIES β™ˆ Tarotscope for January 2020 – 4 of Wands: Tranquility + Hot Springs! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Taurus ♉ April 20 – May 20


Ok, I laughed. Death and heaven. Taurus, something is not just ending for you this month, it’s crossing over to the afterlife and going away for ETERNITY. If you try to hang on to it past the expiration date you’ll regret it, but if you toss the mayo you’ll find you have room in your fridge for something new!


After death comes new life and this month you’ll be getting some clarity on where to go once you’re through your mourning period. Wherever it is, it’s exactly where you need to be.

TAURUS ♉ Tarotscope for January 2020 – Death: Necessary Change + Heaven! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Gemini β™Š May 21 – June 20

The Sun

Congratulations, gemini! You’re having what looks to be the best month out of all of us! This month you’ll be surrounded by happiness, joy, and love and you’re being called to really embrace that. Let it remind you of everything great you have in your life, and use this energy to manifest some prosperity.

love potion

As the Sims would say – woohoo! You’ve got the chance to manifest some love or lust (your choice) this month and explore your passions with someone special (even if that’s you!).

GEMINI β™Š Tarotscope for January 2020 – The Sun: Happiness + a Love Potion! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Cancer β™‹ June 21 – July 22

4 of cups

This month you may find yourself feeling bored or restless. You might notice a pattern you’ve been stuck in that’s just no longer doing it for you. Be sure not to go the escapism route, and instead be ready to deal with this pattern in the future. The antidote to the ennui of the 4 of cups? Elves.


THAT’S RIGHT, ELVES. ENNUI AND ELVES. The antidote to the ennui is reaching out to your friends and chosen family, leaning on your fellow elves and asking for help if you need it.

CANCER β™‹ Tarotscope for January 2020 – 4 of Cups: Ennui + Elves! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Leo β™Œ July 32 – August 22

The Devil

The devil card scares a lot of people, but I always found it scary in a powerful way. The devil is all about temptation and the things or people that hold us in bondage – and whether or not we’re working to free ourselves. This month you’ll be considering what tempts you in life, what holds you in chains, and how much of it is good for you. This is also a very sexy card so if you’ve been looking to explore your sexuality or something new in bed this is a great time to let loose!


A new you is sprouting up through the earth and snow! Explore newness and allow yourself room to grow this month, Leo!

LEO β™Œ Tarotscope for January 2020 – The Devil: Temptation + a sprout! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Virgo ♍ August 23 – September 22

page of wands

Look at you go, Virgo! January will be full of imaginative and creative energy and offer you a lot of time to surrender to your inner child. It’s time for you to try something different and see where it takes you. Wands are passionate and creative, but also very spiritual! This is a great month to explore some new spiritual ideas and crack your consciousness wide open.


You’ve been going nowhere on this treadmill for a while, it’s time to break out of this cycle and try something new! Maybe dust off an old piece of equipment you haven’t thought of in a while and put yourself on a new course.

VIRGO ♍ Tarotscope for January 2020 – Page of Wands: Imagination + a treadmill! #deckofcharacter #fatfeministwitch Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Libra β™Ž September 23 – October 22


Temperance really is your 24/7 vibe Libra, and that will come in extra handy this month. You’ll be exploring other people’s ideas and philosophies and blending them with your own. It’s a great time for higher learning and incorporating art into your regular life and practice.

Jail cell

You may feel stuck this January, which isn’t a comfortable place to be for a justice-loving libra such as yourself! While you’re mixing and blending philosophies, observe which ones of yours keep you trapped or stuck. Look for a crack in the facade and get ready to bust it down sometime this year (but not now!).

LIBRA β™Ž Tarotscope for January 2020 – Temperance: Moderation + a jail cell! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Scorpio ♏ October 23 – November 21

6 of Cups

You’re getting clear on some issues and emotions from the past this month, scorpio. Get ready for a burst of nostalgia! You may be returning home or to something you remember from your youth, or someone from this past life will be re-appearing in the present. This is a happy card that foretells harmony in most of your relationships. Enjoy your trip in the wayback machine!


The trick to enjoying trips down memory lane or family gatherings is boundaries! Practice magic for psychic and emotional protection, and don’t let anyone test these boundaries. If a shitty ex shows up don’t be afraid to show off the claws, kitty cat.

SCORPIO ♏ Tarotscope for January 2020 – 6 of Cups: Nostalgia + a claw! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Sagittarius ♐ November 22 – December 21

Ace of Pentacles

You’re getting the new year started off right by exploring a new project, job, or creative endeavour! Your home planet of Jupiter is very active this month and you’ll find yourself flooded with new ideas, making plans, and even cementing some in reality!


You’re taking the first steps on a new journey this month, Sagittarius. You really are the explorer of the zodiac and this month your curiosity and desire to learn will be even stronger. Take the time to plan ahead and be ready for anything!

SAGITTARIUS ♐ Tarotscope for January 2020 – Ace of Pentacles: Preparation + explorer! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Capricorn β™‘ December 22 – January 19

The chariot

You’re no stranger to ambition, fellow capricorn, and we’re starting the new year off with an opportunity to make headway on your goals and take some risks to get where you want to be. Be confident and bold, and don’t let this powerful energy pass you by! This is a very encouraging card that I hope fires you up for the month ahead! (I love the New Year!!!)


While you’re being a super badass driving your mighty chariot straight through any obstacles that pop up this month, don’t forget to take time of quiet to tune in to your intuition. Balance the high energy of the light with the cool comfort of the dark and listen to your inner voice.

CAPRICORN β™‘ Tarotscope for January 2020 – The Chariot: Ambition + the moon! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Aquarius β™’ January 20 – February 18

2 of Cups

This is a card of unity and the love shared between two people. This relationship can be romantic, but also platonic or even a wonderful business partnership! You may find yourself starting something new, or just strengthening a lasting relationship because you’re suddenly on the same wavelength!


I can’t ignore that the 2 of cups often represents romance and the egg here is an obvious fertility symbol. If you are hoping to meet someone with whom you can create a family, or if you and your partner are thinking the same this is a great sign! In general, think of the things you can create and grow with your new partnership and give them the conditions needed to make them hatch!

AQUARIUS β™’ Tarotscope for January 2020 – 2 of Cups: Harmony + an egg! #tarotscope #deckof character Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


Pisces β™“ February 19 – March 20

knight of swords

First of all, how hot is this greaser?! The knight of swords is exciting and energetic, but also… kind of a dick? You’re big on the dreaming part of living the dream, Pisces, but when it comes to putting it into action you may find yourself going to hard and too fast and heading for a crash! Slow down, communicate what you want, and take the time to look at the road ahead.


The cave is the opposite of the knight in every way – it’s cool, dark, slow, and quiet. It encourages you not to act, but instead to disconnect a little bit to make sense of your thoughts and feelings. Balance between these opposing forces is the key to a happy January for you, fishy friend!

PISCES β™“ Tarotscope for January 2020 – Knight of Swords: Cocksure + a cave! #tarotscope #deckofcharacter Read more at www.thefatfeministwitch.com


While doing 2020 forecast readings through the month of December the same card kept coming up for January in multiple readings – the 9 of swords. This is not a happy card. It represents anxiety, depression, and even nightmares. I got this card for people of all different signs and in all different locations so I figured it will apply to a lot of us! be warned that you may feel extra irritated this month, and so will everyone else, so it’ll be important to hold your tongue and get a good night’s sleep. The upside to this card is that it’s always temporary and you can handle it.

No matter your sign it looks like we’re all starting off the new year with some changes and trials, and a few things that will make us smile! We’re getting in touch with our creativity, starting new projects and relationships and hitting the road toward our dreams. I can’t wait!

Happy New Year, Witches!

2020 really is going to be a wild year – I’ve got a book coming out! Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond comes out February 25th, 2020!


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