Tarotscopes πŸ’« February 2020

Happy Birthday to our February Aquarians and Pisceans, and welcome to the season of love!

Do you use your tarot and oracle cards to help you approach your day, plan your year, or give you a heads up about certain events? I DO! Every month, along with reading my monthly horoscope, I draw a card to let me know the overall vibe I’ll be working with. Challenges I might face, where to draw inspiration, and good news to look forward to are all represented in the cards and stars.

Want to know what they’ve got in store for you? Scroll down to your sun sign and check out your message from the Herbcrafter’s Tarot!

The crystals in each photo are chosen to work with your sign this month, along with green calcite which works with the crown and heart chakras and increases success and manifestation.

Aries β™ˆ March 21 – April 19

Red and gold tiger's eye; fire agate

4 of air – lavender

This month you need to temper your inner fire just a bit so you can engage in some self-care and create boundaries for yourself. Take time to rest your bones, and to let your mind take stock. Lavender can help clear your mind and organize your thoughts to prepare for next month.

crystals: red & gold tiger’s eye and fire agate.


“Make a lavender wand. Use it to create boundaries against unwanted energies.”

ARIES β™ˆ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 4 of Air: Lavender. Rest. Boundaries. Self-care. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Taurus ♉ April 20 – May 20

the magician – sunflower

This is the month for you to embrace your power and manifest all that you desire. Work with the elements and allow them to open your mind to magic. Focus on the things that make you unique and powerful.

crystals: ruby in fuschite, rose quartz, green obsidian


“Boost magical potency by eating sunflower sprouts for energy.”

TAURUS ♉ Tarotscope for February 2020 – The Magician: Sunflower. Manifestation. Individuality. Magic. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Gemini β™Š May 21 – June 20

Hya of Air – catnip

Look at the world with the innocence of a child! Observe nature, animals, bugs, and think about what they mean to you. Communicate your feelings and observations clearly and without fear. Make mischief with a sleeping cat!

crystals: celestite, clear quartz, amazonite


“Strengthen the psychic bond between you and your familiars: craft a catnip mouse.”

GEMINI β™Š Tarotscope for February – Hya of Air: Catnip. Make mischief with a sleeping cat! Innocence. Curiosity. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Cancer β™‹ June 21 – July 22

ace of air – yarrow

This month you’ll find yourself seeking the truth from ancient sources – ancient stories and myths, ancestors, and old magic. Open yourself up to this truth even if it’s painful. Now is the time for you to do some healing.

crystals: peach moonstone, clear quartz, aquamarine


“Craft a powder of dried yarrow leaves to stop bleeding. Use it in magical practice to heal wounds that cut to the bone.

CANCER β™‹ tarotscope for February – Ace of Air: Yarrow. Healing. Truth. Ancestral magic. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Leo β™Œ July 32 – August 22

adelita of fire – cayenne

This is the month to show people what you’re made of! You may find yourself coming to the aid of ancient teachings, or people who’s been marginalized. Take that chance and be bold and you will inspire others to do the same.

crystals: gold tiger’s eye, sunstone, citrine


“Stand up to corporate greed: craft your own fire cider like the adelita on the card.”
(Fill jar 2/3 with garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, rosemary, thyme, cayenne and fill with vinegar. Let cure for a moon cycle.)

LEO β™Œ Tarotscope for February 2020 – Adelita of Fire: Cayenne. Be bold. Activism. Craft fire cider. #Tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Virgo ♍ August 23 – September 22

8 of air – licorice

Are you feeling stuck, or fenced in, dear virgo? The good news is that you don’t have to stay that way and now is the time to take a good look around and see the various paths to freedom all around you – take one! If you can’t see it, turn to loving and gentle friends to help you find your way. Let them know how you feel.

crystals: celestite, bloodstone, green aventurine


“Drink licorice tea to strengthen your voice.”

VIRGO ♍ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 8 of Air: Licorice. Feeling stuck. proclaim your truth. Find freedom. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Libra β™Ž September 23 – October 22

adelita of water – ocotillo

You love love, libra, but remember that strong boundaries are what make healthy relationships. That doesn’t mean you should lock your heart up never to be seen again, but keep it safe by asserting your own boundaries, and sharing your love with those who deserve it.

crystals: lepidolite, amethyst skull, rose quartz


“Use the inner bark of ocotillo, or another beloved plant, as a reminder to protect your heart.”

LIBRA β™Ž Tarotscope for February 2020 – Adelita of Water: Ocotillo. Protect your heart. Let love blossom. Strong boundaries. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Scorpio ♏ October 23 – November 21

9 of Water – Peach

Well loook at you, Scorpio! February is shaping up to be a lovely month for you – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Let yourself feel happy with yourself. Give yourself props for the wishes you’ve made come true, and take the time to truly love your own company.

crystals: blue goldstone, aquamarine, hawk’s eye


“Honour yourself with a sacred bath of peach blossoms (or fragrance), sensual oils, and perfumes.”

SCORPIO ♏ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 9 of Water: Peach. Sensual pleasure. Wishes come true. Self-love. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Sagittarius ♐ November 22 – December 21

ace of water – plantain

This is the month to follow your heart and your intuition. You may find yourself on a new journey of love or spirituality, and your capacity for both is limitless! Take a fresh look at ancient magics and practices that nourish the heart and soul

crystals: agate (navy blue with star-like patterns), red tiger’s eye, fire agate


“Shape plantain flower stems into hearts and leave them as gratitude offerings.”

SAGITTARIUS ♐ Tarotscope for February 2020 – Ace of Water: Plantain. Love. Spirituality. Ancient magic. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Capricorn β™‘ December 22 – January 19

5 of Earth – Slippery Elm

Well, fellow capricorns, this month we may find ourselves ina kind of tight spot financially. Don’t let the stress cause by financial or economic hardship get to you this month. You’re stronger and more prepared than you realize. You have the skills to make it through with a tightened belt, now all you need to do is soothe the fear and anxiety. It’s not permanent.

crystals: chrysocolla, garnet, green obsidian


“Take slippery elm lozenges to soothe a stomach upset by worry and stress. Honor the gifts of slippery elm. Support United Plant Savers’ efforts to protect this plant.“

CAPRICORN β™‘ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 5 of Earth: Slippery Elm. Financial stress. Strength in hard times. Stress. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Aquarius β™’ January 20 – February 18

4 of water – mint

This month may find you in a place that no Aquarius loves – boredom and apathy. Focus on things that revitalize and renew yourself and your spirit. Quench your thirst for newness by focusing on gratitude for what you have. Feel your feels, but don’t let that take over completely and make you blow up. Take this slow time to be more present in well, the present.

crystals: selenite, angelite, snow quartz


“Place mint in a vial and wear it around your neck to help contain overwhelming emotions.”

AQUARIUS β™’ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 4 of Water: Mint. Boredom. Refresh your spirit. Gratitude. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Pisces β™“ February 19 – March 20

10 of Fire – Comfrey

This month you may feel overwhelmed or over-extended – or maybe you’re carrying that from January – and you need to pass that work off to other people. It can be hard sometimes to let others help you, but this isn’t an indication of weakness! It’s strength! Trust others to lighten your load, and give yourself permission to let go.

crystals: fluorite, amazonite, aquamarine


“Write down what you need to release, roll it tightly in a comfrey leaf, and burn the leaf when it’s dry. “

PISCES β™“ Tarotscope for February 2020 – 10 of Fire: Comfrey. Overwhelm. Let go. Soothe yourself. #tarotscopes #herbcrafterstarot


Good luck this month, witches!

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If you like the plants featured in the Herbcrafter’s Tarot more than 20 of them are also featured in Green Witchcraft including alfalfa, willow, marigold and calendula, borage and mugwort.

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