The Ebook edition of Green Witchcraft comes out today! πŸŒΏπŸ“²

Today the ebook edition of Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond is available for purchase! To celebrate let’s take a look at the Crystal Grid for Courage from Chapter 8: The Strength of Stones & Crystals. Below you’ll find tips and extras, and a free printable grid template you can use to build one for yourself.

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Tuesdays are the best day of the week for magic to call on courage and strength as it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of action. This crystal grid combines that fiery energy with the stability of the earth element to create a feeling of safety, confidence, and courage in your space.

To create the grid you’ll need 4 pieces of obsidian, 4 pieces of bloodstone, 1 piece of malachite for the centre, and about a 1/2 cup of salt. The outer perimeter of the grid is made with obsidian, a powerful protection crystal, and an unbroken boundary of salt. Then we have bloodstone which is associated with family and ancestors, as well as stability and prosperity. This can symbolize keeping your family safe, getting aid from family/ancestors, or protecting your material security. Malachite is a heart stone, but with an incredibly intense energy. It’s great for conquering fear and protecting the heart, and is slightly toxic in it’s raw form so you know it doesn’t mess around. You can recite any invocation, spell, or affirmation you like, but I’ve created this very simple one to get you started.

“I am safe, I am strong, and my heart knows no fear.”

Paige Vanderbeck, Green Witchcraft
Malachite heart

It’s ok to be a little extra

Want to take your grid to the next level? Here are some fun ideas!

  • If you can find a malachite in the shape of a heart this has extra significance – ancient Egyptian pharaohs often had malachite scarabs placed on the top of the sarcophagus to protect their heart, which they’d need to present to Ma’at on their trip through the land of the dead.
  • To personalize your grid, you can replace the malachite at the centre with your birth or zodiac stone.
  • Include a petition paper in your grid – simply write what you need or what you’re up against and place it under the centre stone before you activate the grid.
  • You can use your grid to charge a talisman or charm bag to carry with you for courage on-the-go by placing your item in the middle before activation.
  • You can use any form of obsidian you like! They all offer protection from different things. Regular obsidian is generally protective and grounding, snowflake obsidian helps to heal and transform negative energy and keeps you steady through tumultuous change; obsidian carved into arrows deters thievery and deception; and apache tear obsidian can help protect you from feeling overwhelmed by grief, and make you invisible to the evil eye.
  • Mix magical herbs and plants into your line of salt that strengthen boundaries and heighten courage like borage, rue, or bay leaves.
  • Add stones that offer courage for specific issues like public speaking (celestite), love and sex (pink tourmaline), health concerns (moonstone), or intrusive thoughts and nightmares (amethyst).
Apache Tear Obsidian
download the “crystal grid for courage” template

To use the template print it out on 81/2 x 11 paper and use it as a guide while building your grid. The square and the number 4 both represent boundaries and stability in magic. The shape creates an unshakable wall of protection around you that allows your heart and creative energy to flourish.

If you make your own Crystal Grid for Courage share a picture on instagram with the #BeyondGreenWitchcraft hashtag so I can share!

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