The Tarot Parlour is OPEN!

Now that I’ve sent my baby Green Witchcraft out into the world, I’m eager to stretch my psychic muscles and re-open my digital tarot parlour on storenvy!

I’ve got openings all month for full and 3-card readings with tarot or oracle cards. Every reading is delivered via audio clip – so it’s like getting your own mini episode of The Fat Feminist Witch! You’ll also receive a PDF that includes pictures of your cards and the spread I create for you.

I can answer questions about life, love and sex, money, careers, spiritual development, home and moving, past lives, future potential, family, friends, and nemeses. The only questions I cannot help you with are health-related Qs and anything you’ll use to hurt other people or animals. Be nice.

A new year reading from 2019

A Little About Me, Psychically Speaking

I am a life-long intuitive psychic and as you all know by now, I have a gift for reading the language of synchronicity. The technical term for my type of skill is claircognizant – or “clear knowing” – the information comes to me when I call for it and the cards help me bring that information to the material world. (also, it sometimes comes when I don’t want it and it gets a little spooky…) In other words – I just know things. Things I shouldn’t. Things I COULDN’T. Things I didn’t know until I absolutely needed to. To read your cards I tune in to you, who YOU are, and your voice – I can practically hear it when I read your message. This makes my readings personal and spookily accurate.

I’ve been reading tarot cards for over 13 years for both psychic insight and personal development, and the readings I do for others often end up including advice for both material and spiritual situations. The goal with my readings is to give you everything you need to move forward, and the support and encouragement to help you create your best life.

Visit Fat Feminist witch tarot

Interested in learning more about claircognizance and my own psychic history? Tune in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast on Friday the 13th of March!

View the event on facebook

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