#MagicRockMondays – Green Calcite

One of my absolute favourite things to do with my magic rocks is buy them for a decent chunk of change and then leave them to collect dust either on a shelf or in the re-purposed tackle box my working stones live in. It’s not super magical, but it’s definitely the truth. Last year I started thinking more about where the stones and crystals we use for spiritual purposes come from, and the carbon footprint of my collection. When I organized my rocks into the aforementioned tackle box I realized how many I had that I had never “used” and whose magical properties I didn’t even know.

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How do you store your smaller/working crystals? This is a tackle box my dad once bought for me to put makeup in haha #witchesofinstagram #crystals

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Despite that fact – I was still shopping! Still buying small stones and crystals I, naturally, referred to as “working crystals” because they wouldn’t just be for decoration. This was in addition to gifts I recieved and crystal jewellery! Plus any crystal I decided to blog or talk about and send to members of the witch n’ bitch! I realized the thing I liked to do most with crystals was buy them, and that’s just not really what I’m about. So I decided to stop buying crystals, and to get more acquainted with the ones I already have.

Now that my local crystal shop is closed, this goal is much more attainable!

Starting today, I’m going to be spending each week working/connecting with a different crystal that I choose using my inutition. I’ll research it’s properties and regular uses, explore it’s astro and elemental connections, and find ways it actually fits into my practice. Every monday I’ll be reporting back and sharing photos and fun stuff I’ve learned over the week here on the blog. I’ll also share pictures via social media, so be sure to follow me and the hashtag #MAGICROCKMONDAYS if you’d like to see the journey in real time.

This week’s magic rock is…


The piece of green calcite I’ll be working with this week.

Mineral: calcium carbonate
Element: earth
Astro: virgo + cancer
Chakra: heart
Energy: healing, balance, mental clarity, trust, heart energy, memory, earth healing, plant magic, releasing painful emotions, strength during times of change, abundance, attracting money, motivation, personal/emotional growth, calming, directing energy for physical healing

The piece of green calcite above was a gift from a friend, and my first piece of calcite. I’ve always liked the odd, smooth texture of calcite and had been eye-balling some green pieces in the previous weeks, so for once my (christmas day) birthday was at exactly the right time to get a gift! This piece almost looks like a torch, which a lot of brown inclusions at a narrow end lowing out into this pale green. It’s very earthy, but I’m not shocked to find it’s also associated with cancer because I also feel like it’s very watery – if you live in lake country, that is. This pale green with earthy brown is a lot like the water at some of the shallower lakes around here like Lake Erie, where I swim in the summer. Already I’m feeling the heart connection.

I think this will be a great stone to work with in meditation, and I’m NOW thinking a nice lake-focused meditation will help me shake off some of the chill that’s still blowing around. It also feels a lot like a hand in my hand, so I think I’ll practice using it to direct energy. According to some twitter witches it’s great for energy healing like reiki and for directing healing energy to places on your body. In Cassandra Eason’s Complete Crystal Handbook it also says that keeping green calcite nearby while preparing food for yourself or others can help pass on healing as well as just general love energy.

Buy The Complete Crystal Handbook from Bookshop.org

I chose this stone intuitively, but when I was doing research I found a lot of references to using green calcite to focus healing energy not on yourself, but on plants and the earth. Not just the actual planet either, but just the conditions of the world. If you’re doing any meditations or spells to send out energy to those who are ill, frontline workers, or just everyone who’s struggling right now, green calcite could amplify and direct that energy better.

It resonates with the heart chakra and is apparently very good for helping with trust issues, releasing lasting pain, and balancing your emotions. This is a very tactile stone – calcite has a really neat, smooth texture that just begs you to touch it. it’s got this great combination of watery emotional energy, and very physical and sensual earth energy.

So all week I’ll be working with my green calcite and exploring how some of these different energies feel to me, and how they influence my practice. Next monday I’ll report back, here on the blog, and introduce the crystal I’ll be working with next week. I’ll also be making these fun crystal trading cards you can all collect while you follow around! Either save the photos below and print them whatever size you like, or download the following PDF with both designs and some intructions. Feel free to print them, make notes on them, add symbols or designs, or print them black and white and colour them yourself! enjoy!

Download green calcIte trading card pdf

Do you ever work with Green Calcite? I’d love to know what you do with it, what you like about it, and see pictures! Hit me up on social media or use the tag #MagicRockMondays (open 24/7) on Instagram. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

One thought on “#MagicRockMondays – Green Calcite

  1. I loved reading you’re book 🙂 I can’t wait to buy crystals after lockdown i feel like I need to see them in person I order to purchase.


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