#MagicRockMondays – Nuumite

Welcome to another Magic Rock Monday, witches! Today I’m sharing my experience of working with pietersite, the tempest stone, for the last week and introducing the stone I’ll be working with for the next 7 days!

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Mineral: quartz
Element: air, aether
Astro: sagittarius; jupiter
Chakra: third eye, crown
Energy: psychic power, precognition, past lives and the akashic records, making order from chaos, storm magic, protection from storms, spiritual protection, confidence, spiritual connection, astral travel, intuition, standing up to authoritarian powers, removing obstacles, truth, mind opening, changing perceptions and paradigms, communication and influence, transformation

Right off the bat I can say I love this stone, and wish I had a larger piece of it. I found it super stimulating and energizing! All week I’ve been very creative and motivated and I read an entire goddamn book. I have been struggling to read lately but holding this stone somehow makes it much easier. I definitely found the way I think about certain issues changing this week. Pietersite is a great stone to journal with! This is a stone I’ll no doubt carry with me during important interviews or when I really want to dive in to my work and shake shit up a little bit.

How much it makes me think of jupiter actually had me thinking of things like my business and money and I SWEAR I have spent much less money this week than ever. Even today I kept it in my hand while paying bills and making changes to my budget and suddenly found a way to save myself about $100 a month. THANKS, PIETERSITE.

This is going to be one of those stones I keep on my desk where I can always see it and reach for it, forever. I felt so productive and motivated this week and it was such a blessing. I didn’t feel anxious or restless, just energized.

This week’s crystal, actually has a lot of things in common with Pietersite, but with an added element of grounding.

download nuumite crystal trading card pdf


Mineral: anthophyllite and gedrite
Element: all
Astro: scorpio
Chakra: root, earth star
Energy: grounding, ancient earth energy, elemental magic, intuition, synchronicity, psychic abilities, freedom from reliance on technology, fatherhood, bringing stability to a new home, personal magic, personal development, cleansing and protecting the aura, meditation, past lives, wildness, motivation, energy, growth, nature

I don’t even know where to start, I literally need help with all of that stuff RIGHT NOW. I knew I had found the right crystal when I saw this sentence:

“Nuummite, the Sorcerer’s Stone, draws from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm. Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water, this talisman shimmers with mystical gold light, lifting the murky to see what lies beneath. “


The stormy energy of Pietersite made me feel really confident and creative, so I think Nuumite can have a similar effect while providing some much-needed grounding.

According to The Internet, Nuumite is the oldest mineral we know of, and it’s 3.8 billion years old. BILLION. It’s origins are originally volcanic, which doesn’t surprise me since volcanic stones have really been finding me a lot this year.

Nuumite is a really interesting combination of deep, earthy stability and spiritual synchronicity and luck. Carrying the stone is said to increase the frequency of synchronicities and omens, and help you recognize and trust your intuition. It’s a very personal stone that connects you to Y O U and helps filter out other energy. That’s no doubt why it’s recommended to help you unplug from technology entirely, or just get lest worn-down when you’re around it all day. In my encyclopedia it specifically says

“It is a perfect antidote to modern urban living that blunts the instincts and can bring an over-reliance on technology.”

The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason

I’ve really been struggling with this one facet of my new apartment, which is that it doesn’t face ANY nature. All my windows look at brick walls. I’m grateful to have any windows, but still. I’m a city girl but I’ve always had trees and birds and my cat and I just don’t understand this silence! I’m hoping this stone can help me really connect with earth energy and maybe keep all my new plants from dying!

Nuumite is aligned with all the elements because it’s a stone of elemental magic! It helps you connect with each element on a deeper level, and employ the entire system in your magic. Since the elements make up EVERYTHING that’s quite a bit of power. No doubt why it’s called The Sorcerer’s Stone (and not just in the US!). I’m currently reading Bewitching the Elements by Gabriela Herstik and I think this will be a perfect companion for the exercises, and to help me absorb the info.

This is a stone of dads! If you’re a new dad or single dad or just need help being the best dad you can, this stone is a great one to keep in your pocket. If you’re currently experiencing issues with fath-figures or your actual father it can help ground that pain so you can move forward or reconcile.

The lovely piece of nuumite I’ve owned for 2 years and barely touched

Can’t wait to see what wild things nuumite and I get up to this week!

One thought on “#MagicRockMondays – Nuumite

  1. I love these posts, seriously I get jazzed whenever Monday roles around because I know there’ll be a new stone to learn about 😄

    I didn’t realize you made the trading cards yourself, do you have a website for your other art?

    Thanks for sharing, hopefully you and Nuumite have some grand adventures this week 🤩


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