#MagicRockMondays – Black Moonstone

Welcome to another Magic Rock monday, witches! For those just tuning in, these weekly posts chronicle my exploration for crystals and their magical uses more deeply – using only ones that I already have in my collection! I’ll be sharing my experience with Nuumite, and introducing this week’s crystal which was selected for use during the New Moon in Gemini!

Let’s begin with last week’s crystal – Nuumite.

My piece of Nuumite, worn on a chain all week


Mineral: anthophyllite and gedrite
Element: all
Astro: scorpio
Chakra: root, earth star
Energy: grounding, ancient earth energy, elemental magic, intuition, synchronicity, psychic abilities, freedom from reliance on technology, fatherhood, bringing stability to a new home, personal magic, personal development, cleansing and protecting the aura, meditation, past lives, wildness, motivation, energy, growth, nature

I absolutely LOVED the grounding and earthy vibe of Nuumite. I don’t even know if I could fully illustrate how much more in tune with plants and nature I was all this week. I found myself re-planting my house plants and shuffling the apartment around to make sure they all get the right sun and temperatures. Flowers around me that were closed tight just a day before burst open seemingly right in front of my eyes. I craved hearty and earthy food all week, which gave me energy to get a lot done around the house and in my business behind the scenes.

I call earth star chakra grounding “earthing” instead

I definitely felt more grounded with Nuumite than I did with pietersite, and that’s because of it’s connection to the earth star chakra. Grounding, for those who are new to witchcraft and spirituality, is a meditation exercise that connects you with the earth, often through the root chakra, and helps you feel more stable and focused. When you ground with the earth star chakra, this goes to a much deeper (pun intended) level of earth energy. Not only do you feel more stable, but you’re suddenly plugged in to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. In other words, you connect not only to the energy of the earth itself, but to all the life within and around it. I found this to be remarkably comforting right now that we’re all focused on physical distance. I found myself looking for more creative ways to connect, or just a need to be heard and hear others. I actually hadn’t planned on putting a podcast episode out, but thursday rolled around and I put on my nuumite necklace and read some comments on my facebook page about how much you guys miss the show and suddenly I was setting up my microphone!

In my book Green Witchcraft I shared this meditative technique using orange aragonite (another great earth star chakra stone!), but I can confirm it works just as well with Nuumite! If you like the visual aspect of seeing the chakra as aragonite, instead see your golden tether in the same colours as the bronze and gold flecks throughout your piece of Nuumite.

Buy your copy of green Witchcraft from my Bookshop.org store and support the podcast!

For this week, I chose a crystal that will support any magical work I do during the upcoming new Moon in Gemini – Black Moonstone.

My tumbled black moonstone

Black moonstone

Mineral: feldspar
Element: earth, water
Astro: scorpio, aquarius
Chakra: third eye, sacral, root
Energy: Magic and mysticism, intuition, dream recall, shadow work, balancing emotions, grounding without breaking connection to higher realms, primordial goddesses and forces, stimulates new beginnings, transformation, success, self-worth and confidence, setting intentions and manifestation, creativity, ancient wisdom, psychic protection, releasing pain, wild inspiration, balancing hormones, protection for pregnant people (and healing from pregnancy loss), blending logic and intuition

If you’re familiar with the luminescent variety of moonstone rarely actually referred to as “rainbow moonstone”, this might not look like it’s even remotely related. Though it’s composed of feldspar, it doesn’t have the same sheen as moonstone or labradorite – black moonstone is more related to the peach variety, and does have peachy lines throughout.

It’s great for the new moon because it’s a very psychic stone with grounding energy that helps to stimulate new beginnings. I’m looking to make some changes this moon, and black moonstone is supposed to be great for setting intentions and manifestation. It’s inspiration, healing, and helps you recognize your own self-worth and power.

In everything I found, black moonstone is also associated with a primal, goddess energy associated with some of the first deities. Primordial goddesses are ones like Gaia and Uranus, Nyx, Lilith, the Star Goddess, and others associated with the void and beginnings of the universe. I’m working with Lilith in the Witch n’ Bitch as we read Glam Witch by Michael Herkes and I think this will be a great ally on that journey.

download black moonstone trading card pdf

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Come back next week to see how I do with Black Moonstone, and follow the journey on Instagram with the hashtag #MagicRockMondays!

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