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Fundraising for The Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls through The Loveland Foundation


When it comes to casting a curse, I believe there are two parts – first the hexing, and then the healing. The protests rebellions, happening worldwide are the hex. Through collective energy, black people are toppling the racist system that enslaved them, disregarded them, and killed them in their hours of need. It’s well overdue. Next comes the healing – which is why I’ve committed to fundraising $5000 for The Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls. (Both cis and trans!)

If there’s one thing my journey to better mental health has taught me, is that trauma and pain can keep you from seeing the incredible, strong, and magical human being that exists underneath. Black people in America are all subjected to the trauma of every day systemic racism, as well as the long-standing generational trauma of slavery and subjugation. Black Women and Girls have the added misfortune of living in a society that doesn’t value them the same as men – and young black girls especially aren’t even valued and protected the same as other children.

This needs to stop.

I’m confident that through the strength and collective action of everyone supporting the Black Lives Matter movement it will! I am hopeful and working very hard to believe in the good and strong people who’ve said enough is ENOUGH. When that happens, however, the trauma and pain of living under a racist regime for so long will remain for some time. That’s why The Loveland Foundation’s work is so vital to the process.

All about the fund from the founder Rachel Cargle

I’ll be fundraising until I reach my $5000 goal, and thanks to so many of you, we already have over $1000!!!

If you want to help me support this incredible cause, and give black women and girls the space they need to heal, I have a few ways to contribute through the month of June.

Donate Now! No amount is too small (or too large, for all you wealthy witches out there ;)) to make a difference. I’ve set up the main fundraiser through Facebook, since it has a few options through which to pay, but you can also donate with your credit card through Flipcause.

Facebook fundraiser
flipcause fundraiser

The Birth of Oshun by Harmonia Rosales

Join Me LIVE! On Thursday, June 11th at 12pm est I’m hosting a LIVE fundraiser on Facebook where I’ll be leading a guided grounding meditation, sharing stories of black goddesses and legends, and doing 1-card readings for those who donate during the broadcast. I’ve also got some prizes for those who donate in advance whether they watch the live show or not!

Donate $10 or more to be entered to win a 3-card tarot or oracle reading (3 available)
Donate $25 or more to be entered to win a free copy of my book Green Witchcraft (3 available)
Donate $50 or more and be entered to win a FULL tarot reading! (1 available)

event page

Get a reading! For the entire month of June, I’ll be donating $5 from every tarot or oracle reading sold through my storenvy store to the therapy fund. I’ll only be using decks that feature/were created by people of colour, and you’ll get a receipt that shows a $5 donation was made to the fund.

How the readings work: When you place your order, let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions or issues you want me to look at. I do the reading on my own, and then send you a beautiful PDF document complete with pictures and a personal crystal recommendation to help you move forward. If you tell me how you are supporting the black lives matter movement or the current rebellions, I’ll also recommend one you can use specifically to strengthen that effort.

Tarot parlour

Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated to the fundraiser, or even just shared the link with friends! I am forever grateful that so many of you are willing to help in this way and support the healing of Black Women and Girls – both trans and cis.

I hope to see you all on Thursday June 11th on Facebook for the fundraiser and remember: