The Grimoire Journal Companion: A thank you gift for those who pre-order!

claim your pre-order thank you gift!

Witches! I am so thrilled to see the positive feedback to The Grimoire Journal! This book was a big challenge for me to write and I’m so proud of how it’s turned out.

A lot of people don’t really realize this, but pre-ordering the book sends a strong message to book publishers and retailers letting them know what you’re excited about and what books and authors you’d like to see more of in the future. It also helps those books reach wider audiences around the world! It really does support the author when you pre-order a book you’re super excited about.

As a special thank you for those who’ve taken the chance on The Grimoire Journal and pre-ordered, I’ve created a downloadable Grimoire Journal Companion with more space for writing spells and rituals, new prompts and exercises, a lunar calendar, and even an exclusive recipe for a Magical oil Blend that smells like old books!

Since we all journal and create grimoires in our own unique ways, I made a version that’s perfect for you to print and bind at home, one that’s a beautiful digital PDF, and another that’s optimized specifically for you Instagram stories so you can share and re-use the pages!

The companion will only be available until the day before the book goes on sale, so hurry up and get your proof of purchase into me soon! If you pre-ordered the book before today (7/6/2020) you’re still totally eligible!

Thank you again to everyone who has pre-ordered The Grimoire Journal, and even those that have shared the link with friends! Your support truly makes me feel like I’m living a very magical life.

2 thoughts on “The Grimoire Journal Companion: A thank you gift for those who pre-order!

  1. Is it okay that the email address I used to subscribe is different than my Amazon email address I used to order the book?

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