Book Review of Shadows: The Complete Book of Moon Spells by Michael Herkes


Harness the power of the moon―spells to invite abundance and achieve balance

Luminescent and ever-watchful, the moon is a powerful source of energy and a conduit for magical abundance, bestowing blessings from the universe to help you achieve your goals and desires. The Complete Book of Moon Spells provides down-to-earth guidance on the phases, folklore, and science of the moon, as well as contemporary life-changing moon spells you can perform to cultivate love, money, health, success, and happiness in your everyday life.

Discover a primer on the orbit cycles and phases of the moon, as well as how moon magic manifests in abundance. Create your lunar atmosphere with advice on various techniques for casting moon spells in alignment with the moon’s phases, including ceremonies to perform and the ingredients you’ll need. Once your intention has been set, watch it manifest with easy-to-follow moon spells, rituals, and potions for love, success, joy, and peace. –

The Complete Book of Moon Spells is the newest offering by GLAM WITCH author Michael Herkes, and it definitely brings the modern glamour of Herkes’ practice to the ancient art of moon magic! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book for years! I love the moon and working magic with her, but many book on moon magic regurgitate the same old info, the same spells, and the same vibes. The Complete Book of Moon Spells is modern and fresh, without losing the gravity of the moon’s power.

🔮 – Forgive me for starting at the end of the list of important reasons I loved this book, but can we talk about how beautiful it is? And not just the book, but the AUTHOR. Michael has got to be the most glamorous witch I’ve seen lately and all of the colours, imagery, and art involved with his work is stunning. This book was put out by my publisher, and weekly check ins included gushing with my marketing team about how beautiful he and all the marketing for this book have been! Not only is it all very pretty, but right away I honestly believe that Mr. Herkes can help me manifest abundance in my own magical and unique way! All the way through, the author tells you to trust yourself, go with your gut, and make modifications that work for you. How beautiful!

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🔮 – This book really gives you everything you need. If you’re new to moon magic the first part of the book takes you through everything from the phases and astrological associations, to necessary tools, ritual methods, to associated crystals and plants. Part 2 goes phase-by-phase, tells you how to best harness that phase’s energy, and gives you spells and potions for an impressingly wide-range of purposes. I’ll admit that I’ve always found marking all 8 moon phases to be tedious or extreme – preferring to keep it simple with FULL and NEW – but in this book I found the different phases to be, well, ACTUALLY DIFFERENT. Michael does a grab job of giving you a new way to look at the moon if you’re NOT new to moon magic.

🔮 – Every moon phase chapter has a collection of spells and a potion recipe – and I LOVED the potions! Some are teas, some coffees, and some are magical cocktails with non-alcoholic options! I honestly loved all the spells, but these potions really stood out to me. With the moon being so tied to the element of water, baths and sprays and washes and waters are common types of moony magical crafts, but these ritualized and tasty potions you can take right into yourself are something special. My favourite is the HOT MOONY!

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Tomorrow is the #3rdQuarter phase of the moon's cycle! A time I like to work magic that involves #Forgiveness! In honor of my new book #TheCompleteBookOfMoonSpells which releases on Tuesday next week, here's my #ChamPain #Potion recipe! I know I'll be having a few of these! Pre-Order your copy at the link in my bio! 🌙🥂🍾✨ #MoonSpells #MoonAbundance #Moon #MoonMagic #MoonMagick #Luna #Lunar #LunarMagic #LunarMagick #Witch #Witchcraft #WitchesOfInstagram #WitchAuthor #AuthorLife #Witchy #WitchBooks #NewWitchBook #Abundance #MoonChild #LadyLuna #WitchVibes #Spells #Spellcraft #TheCompleteBookOfMoonSpells

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🔮 – When I first saw the focus on abundance I thought that might limit the types of spells you find inside, but Michael truly understands that abundance goes beyond money and the book includes everything from attracting wealth, to building your self esteem, getting noticed, cultivating influence, and communicating better. The book helps you build abundance in all areas of your life. Actually, it’s more like the book helps you become the witch who can build their own abundance! The spells are so empowering. In addition to some traditional spells (with Michael’s own twist!) there are completely new types of spells and rituals that I found really exciting. I’ve got a lot of bookmarks!

🔮 – I’ve never read a book on moon magic written by a man. This isn’t even something I realized until I started The Complete Book of Moon Spells. The moon has been seen as a predominantly feminine figure in western magic and witchcraft, and as such I feel this very protective feeling about her legacy. Fortunately, the book not only respectfully honours the connection of divine women and feminininty, but brings a refreshing perspective and even information about male lunar deities – of which there actually have been many in history! I never really felt that Michael was encroaching on women’s space, while opening it up to people of all gender-presentations. This is perfect.

A lot of what I loved is just all the little things. Throughout the book there are many tiny things that add up to make reading it enlightening and interesting. One thing I really loved is that Michael is a huge fan of glitter (ME TOO!!) but instead of just putting plastic glitter in your tools list, he goes out of his way to recommend using metallic mica powder. First of all, I love seeing an eco-friendly magic book! Second of all, what a great idea? I can’t believe I didn’t consider this. I have quite a bit of old mineral makeup I no longer wear but that has been great on candles and in spells! Lilith came up quite a few times throughout the book, and I was so excited to see her. If you haven’t read GLAM WITCH all about workign with Lilith, I definitely recommend it if only for the incredible amount of research Mr. Herkes did into Lilith’s origins and stories. The book is full of spells to give back, give thanks, and give away some of the abundance you’re cultivating. This to me is the ultimate definition of abundance – having more than enough to share. Champagne is a regular ingredient throughout the book and as a fan of cheap bubbly wine that i insist on calling champagne, I can’t wait to find more ways to use it in my practice!

I honestly can’t say enough how excited I am to have a new, modern, and inclusive book on moon magic to share with witches. It’s already become the first one I recommend when asked and it’s only been out since July!

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