Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Night Blooming Cereus & Bloodstone

This sketchy herb and magic rock were inspired by the fiction podcast Welcome to Nightvale, but they both have real practical uses for modern witches. In the latest episode of the podcast, Episode 79 – A Episode About You, I described a ritual you can perform during the Night Blooming Cereus’s 24-hour blooming period with your bloodstone to break an ancestral or family curse.

Night Blooming Cereus

  • Botanical name: Cereus, Selenicereus grandiflorus (this is my variety)
  • Element: Aether, Water
  • Astrological: Moon; Scorpio
  • Chakra: Crown, heart
  • Energies: Transition, change, connecting to the night, moon magic, healing, dream magic, ancestral magic, breaking family/ancestral curses, enlightenment, pushing through your fear, shadow work, breaking patterns, magical strength, finding your life path, rarity, uniqueness, attraction, getting noticed, coming out, intuition, psychic power, omens

“Night Blooming Cereus” can refer to many varieties of night blooming cactus flowers that often only make an appearance for 24 hours. The flowers are more likely to bloom on night of bright moonlight, so it’s no surprise they’re aligned with the power of this ancient luminary. The flowers are large, seem to glow in the moonlight, and release the most incredibly intoxicating fragrance you will ever have the pleasure of smelling.

Since you only have one night with these flowers, they’re perfect for large rituals by the cactus-side, creating flowers essences, and the expired flowers can be dried – though full disclosure they look like a giant tarantula leg when dried. Did I mention they grow on long, thin, hairy stalks? Yikes.

The scent of the flowers in bloom opens, cleanses, and activates both your crown and heart chakras, making you open to psychic experiences AND a loving and trusting relationship. It can help clear away family pain and trauma, and break ancestral curses that are still affecting you now. The flower essence helps facilitate inner transformation by clearing old patterns and habits, and even shining light on shadows in your past that are ready for healing or release. As a flower of the night, it’s a powerful ally in any shadow work and can help you see your own unique beauty and value – shadows and all. It can also assist you in communicating with the dead, especially your own ancestors.

Mine always bloomed in august, near the full moon, after some weeks of humidity, hot sun, and patience out on my balcony. Fortunately these cacti are often sold as beginner plants and need only hot sun and a little water to grow! This rare experience that can be cultivated by most plant fans has always made the night blooming cereus a symbol of good fortune for me. How truly blessed you must be to get a whole 24 hours to smell such an incredible flower!

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  • Other Names: Heliotrope
  • Type of Mineral: Jasper chalcedony
  • Astrological: Aries
  • Element: Earth, Fire
  • Chakra: Root, Sacral, Heart
  • Energies: Healing families, ancestors, athletic ability, mastery, energy, protection, wealth, earth magic, good luck, grounding, creativity, blood magic, seeing your self-worth

Fun fact! Bloodstone was the first magic rock I ever purchased. It was at a small store called Scratching the Surface, that no longer exists, and I didn’t know what it was for just that I loved it. Naturally, it’s one that great for kids in difficult home and family situations. Way to go, little witch paige!

Bloodstone is often said to physically heal the blood and blood disorders, but within magic it’s used more in the ancestry/geneaology sense. it can be kept on you or around your home to help tamper and heal family fights and squabbles, and can be a powerful ally in breaking family and ancestral curses. Further, it’s great at helping you communicate with your ancestors and is perfect for those looking to craft and ancestral practice. I’ve been using it whenever I’m dealing with family issues in my therapy sessions, to help me feel safe as well as empowered to make changes.

It’s a stone with strong earth energy, but the blood splatters bring in the fiery energy of mars. It attracts wealth and prosperity, and also gives you the energy to make your own dreams come true. it can help you get through some difficult work days, and also used in spells to attract money or a new job.

It’s very grounding and I find it incredibly calming… no, not calming. Reassuring? Supportive? My favourite piece right now is a smooth palm stone I got from Green Moon Apothecary that helps me feel focused and motivated to get things done when I hold it. The dark green with blue undertones is deep and cool, while the splashes of jasper red are invigorating and just stand out. Even after all these years, it remains one of my favourite magical crystals to work with.

In addition to breaking the ol’ family curse, both of these magical allies together can help you travel to your akashic records while remaining grounded and protected. They can help you heal past trauma, understand changes you’re going through, and give you the energy and encouragement to use that energy here in the physical world.

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