My Apologies

I am very much struggling to get work done lately. My computer is dying, I’m struggling to afford hosting, I’ve had a headache for 3 weeks preventing me from getting good readings with cards, I keep losing my voice after a small amount of recording, and I can’t keep up with the work I’ve taken on.

I had already planned to take January off from putting out episodes, but it’s looking possible that I may not get any out this month either. I want to apologize to everyone waiting for news from me or emails – I’m going to try harder to keep you all updated.

I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE – but this year has been hard and I didn’t work or perform up to my usual standards AT ALL. This isn’t self-hate! I’m realizing I don’t necessarily have everything I need to run my business the way I’ve intended. I’ve put out vibes I can’t deliver on and I’m sorry.

If you’re waiting on me, please know I have not forgotten you! My inbox is over-flowing with emails I’ve kept unread so I don’t lose them. I just don’t know when I’ll have an answer for you.

Thanks for being patient. 🖤

Here’s hoping for a more capricornian FFW in 2021!

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