Welcome to 2021, witches!

Hello, witches and welcome to February 2021!

I’m so excited to be heading into The Fat Feminist Witch’s 6th year on the air, and to be OUT of 2020. What a strange and difficult year! After months of thinking “God, is this year over yet?” I’m pumped to instead be thinking “WAIT IT’S ALREADY FEBRUARY?!”

I took the month of January off of work to regroup, get focused, and try to disconnect myself from social media. It worked in 2-3 day spurts, honestly, but I actually still feel a little confused about my direction this year. I was freaking out about it until I realized THAT’S JUST LIFE and it’s ok to not know! It’s ok to not always be 100% in control of where you’re going. I spent most of last year horrified at my overall lack of control in life, and this year I’m trying to embrace just being open and ready for changes and new experiences.

I’m also ready to have fun.

from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle by Jill Pyle

I’m word and vibe for the year is PLEASURE. This is a word I usually consider SO cheesy that I rarely use it. In my mind it has decidedly sexual connotations, but really the ability to find enjoyment in things is important in all areas of life. Last year really super-charged the depression and anxiety I’ve been working on healing all these years, and I realize my relationship to pleasure – or to “liking” and “wanting” – is just not what I want it to be. There are a lot of reasons for this, and mental illness is really only one of them. A lifetime of making decisions for myself and my life informed by trauma and fear has left me unclear on why I enjoy the things I do, why I don’t enjoy the things I wish I did, and what I am like when I don’t feel connected to a sense of pleasure. To happiness. Another word you’ll see a lot this year is HEDONISM or the belief/philosophy that pleasure is of utmost importance to life and survival. Have I become a total hedonist? The answer is no – because it turns out I am a BORN hedonist. Fun, right?

I’ll be exploring pleasure alongside topics like sex, healing, astrology, art, colour, creative magic, and mythology. You may hear about a few more gods and goddesses this year, and one in particular – Voluptas – a lot. I’m on a journey!

I’m already feeling the pull toward certain colours, botanicals, and crystals to work with in my magic this year. Colours like red, plum, and burgundy have been catching my eye and I even ended up dying my emerald hair back to something warm and red before 2020 ended! Heart, root, and sacral chakra crystals like morganite, ruby, and fire agate seem to be the ones I reach for every day, and I’ve become so interested in using foods and drinks in my magic versus just sprinkling a dried herb somewhere. I’ve been using chocolate, plums, and berries alongside flowers (lots of roses!) and blessing a lot of drinks and meals. I think it’s because this year I feel myself sinking deeper into my body. Last year I was very in my head, and this year I feel myself wanting to leave it! Even in the freezing cold I’ve been taking lots of walks and can’t stop dancing, so I think this is going to be a year where I LITERALLY embody some magical energy.

I’m excited! I hope you all are too! I anticipate a creative and active year full of optimistic and even adventurous energy, and episodes that explore that energy with magic and an open mind!

This year, podcast episodes will all come out on the days of the New and Full moon phases. Though the episodes won’t all be about moon magic specifically, I will be following the lunar and astrological seasons and vibes to help inspire me.

The first new episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast comes out FEBRUARY 11TH, which is a THURSDAY – I hope you can join me!

This year’s going to be a blast!

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