The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast LIVE – Moon Prism Power! 🌙

Join me on Sunday January 30th for a live episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast! 

In this fun and nostalgic episode I’ll be talking about a character and story that had a big impact on my belief in and pursuit of magic— Sailor Moon!

Get my SAILOR MOON WAS A WITCH! design from TeePublic!

Though Usagi and her gang of Sailor Scouts weren’t referred to as witches their otherworldly powers, use of crystals and planetary magic, past lives, and moon-worshipping guardian cats paint a pretty witchy picture! 

But it’s more than that. Sailor Moon was the guardian love and justice, and those weren’t empty words. Usagi’s unconditional love for her friends and unwavering admiration of all women taught us how to believe in ourselves and in love— all kinds of love. 

This year is the 30th Anniversary of Sailor Moon!

I’ll be talking about the impact Sailor Moon had on me and my interest in witchcraft, and then we’ll have some fun exploring the real magical influences behind the symbols and stories and casting spells and rituals straight out of Crystal Tokyo!

the fam

This event is FREE to attend, but I’ll also be fundraising to cover the costs of veterinary care for my cat, Alley. If you have any money to spare— even $1!— I’d really appreciate the help. You can find out more about what’s going on with Alley here.

The cats from Sailor Moon. Left: Artemis, adult white cat. Middle: Diana, Grey kitten. Right: Luna, adult black cat. All 3 have gold crescent moons on their foreheads.
If Sailor Moon WASN’T a witch what’s with these obviously witchy cats? ARTEMIS, DIANA, and LUNA?! W I T C H !

Click here to get your ticket from Eventbrite and/or make a donation for Alley!

If you watched Seeker’s Corner – my little live web series – you may have seen me talk about this topic before! Since 2017 this topic is one I’ve come back to over and over, and have pages and pages of writing, facts, magical divinations, and correspondences between Sailor Moon and witchcraft. I’ve been saving them for a podcast episode, and this SC ep was so much fun that I couldn’t resist doing it live again! I’ll have all new information and it will be a true ep of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast! For those who can’t make it live, the episode will be uploaded as a podcast in February so you won’t have to miss out! You can also watch the replay of MAGICAL GIRLS! on Seeker’s Corner on YouTube and my facebook page.

Hope to see many of you there!

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