Contribute to the next episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast!

On January 30th I recorded a live version of The Fat Feminist Witch all about Sailor Moon’s effect on modern witches- ok mainly on me- and some real-life correspondences for those who want to work this story into their practice. This was a fundraiser to help me cover Alley’s medical bills and I’m happy to report she is all healed up and doing wonderfully! Thank you to everyone who donated or shared any of my fundraising links.

Alley and I after the show

I’m turning this recording into podcast episode and thought it would be fun to get some more feedback from witches who grew up watching/reading Sailor Moon to include in the episode! You can send an email using the form below, or go to my podcast page on Anchor and leave me a voice message!

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What I want to know is if/how your interest in Sailor Moon pre-dated your interest in witchcraft, and if you feel it had any impact on your spirituality. I know my interest in astrology and planetary magic began with this superhero space babes, and when I think back on media and stories that lead me to this path I can’t separate it from other things like Practical Magic or The Craft.

If you do feel there is a connection, and even include Sailor Moon imagery or ideals in your magical practice I’d love to hear about it!

The episode is coming out Friday February 25th and will be available across podcast platforms!

One thought on “Contribute to the next episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast!

  1. Watch the show religiously in middle school and yes it influenced my practice. I have 3 tattoos based off the show. I have the flower crystal on my altar, I use the scouts for elemental magic. I also use other images in meditation.


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