Planets Retrograde in January 2022 – #MercuryRetrograde

Mercury's first retrograde period of 2022 is upon us! From January 14th to February the 3rd Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be moving in reverse-- astrologically speaking. None of the planets actually suddenly go backwards in their orbit around the sun, but from our position on earth it can appear that way … Continue reading Planets Retrograde in January 2022 – #MercuryRetrograde

Episode 39 – The Psychology of Astrology

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in to episode 39 of The Fat Feminist Witch podcast. Today we’re talking about astrology and how it relates to psychology and the study of your personality, and I’ve got a new book review of shadows for you – The Little book of Saturn by Aliza Einhorn. It's the … Continue reading Episode 39 – The Psychology of Astrology

Planetary Retrograde Cheat Sheet

This month is about to be a bit of astrological doozy, witches! We're entering a whole season of overlapping retrogrades, with Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all at various stages of their retro periods this month. If at this point you find yourself thinking "yeah I totally understand all those words and know what you're … Continue reading Planetary Retrograde Cheat Sheet

Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks for Mercury Retrograde

Amazonite My absolute favourite of the MRx Survival crystals! I wear a necklace with two pieces of Amazonite the whole time the planet is in retrograde. It's popular to make cell phone charms or laptop ornaments with pieces of amazonite as the stone helps to block electromagnetic stress. It's a great stone to keep on … Continue reading Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks for Mercury Retrograde

Going Analogue for Mercury Rx!

It's time again for everyone's favourite celestial event! Oh you don't like Mercury Retrograde? Well, you're not alone. The planet mercury rules things like communication, thought, and travel and I can't imagine a worse set of things to go wrong. You may find your electronics on the fritz, your car won't start, the morning commute … Continue reading Going Analogue for Mercury Rx!