Seeker’s Corner

Seeker’s Corner is a bi-weekly live show where I take questions about magic, feminism, spirituality, and anything else my listeners want to know! Every episode has a different theme, and starting in season 2, every episode will feature questions from YOU! Questions can be sent in ahead of time, or asked live on the show.

In the first season I covered topics that I loved, but that didn’t really seem to fit the podcast – like my distrust of faeries, my favourite plants, the magic of Sailor Moon, and working with my own animal familiar, Jimmy Hoppa (rip). It’s a fun and light-hearted show that covers real topics and offers real answers to all of your witchiest questions.

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Ep. 1 – Faerie Infestations! (23/06/2017)

Ep. 2 – Rabbit Magick! (30/06/2017)

Ep. 3 – Mugwort Mugwort Muggy Worty Mugwort (07/07/2017)

Ep. 4 – I Like My Coffee How I Like My Witchcraft (14/07/2017)

Ep. 5 – (Coloring) Book of Spells Review + Critique (21/07/2017)

Ep. 6 – Ask a Fat Feminist Witch! (28/07/2017)

Ep. 7 – Total Eclipse of the Sun! (18/08/2017)

Ep. 8 – Silver Screen Spellcraft: Magical Girls

Ep. 9 – Scary Tarot

Tune in Friday April 19th at 12pm EST for the premiere of Season 2 and our first topic – MOON MAGIC.

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