Planets Retrograde in January 2022 – #MercuryRetrograde

Mercury's first retrograde period of 2022 is upon us! From January 14th to February the 3rd Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be moving in reverse-- astrologically speaking. None of the planets actually suddenly go backwards in their orbit around the sun, but from our position on earth it can appear that way … Continue reading Planets Retrograde in January 2022 – #MercuryRetrograde

Planetary Retrograde Cheat Sheet

This month is about to be a bit of astrological doozy, witches! We're entering a whole season of overlapping retrogrades, with Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all at various stages of their retro periods this month. If at this point you find yourself thinking "yeah I totally understand all those words and know what you're … Continue reading Planetary Retrograde Cheat Sheet